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Bubbles2025 |
Listener - Connoisseur 7

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating

Hey! I am bubbles. I am a Female and I am 17 years old. I am a senior in high school with the love of psychology. 

I am on break until September 1st. My dms are still open but please expect a 24-48 hour response time. 

Please read my bio before messaging me <3 

🌺My roles on 7 cups🌺

💫Verified listener - means I have passed a mock chat and am experienced in listening. 

💫 Listener Coach for Teens - Means I reach out to those who request a listener coach and help guide them in whichever they need. 

💫Chatroom Teen Star(TCRS) - Means I am a mod amd teen star in the listener rooms. I am a mentor and I help keep Listener rooms safe

💫Teen Quality Star(Mentor for Listeners) - This means I help work on the quality of listeners. Also means I am a mentor! 

💫 Support Team Leader/Teen Star(P&G) - I am the teen leader of Positivity and Gratitude. I help with discussion, scripts and running the team with @Starmedia 

💫 Listener Chatroom Supporter - means I help make TL fun and engaging. 

💫 AL1 Grader - means I grade those who take the active listening course found in training. 

💫Peer Support/Chat Support - peer support mean I can help listeners after they have dealt with a hard chat, or need to talk about something related to cups. I am also chat support which means I am qualified to help listeners with ongoing chats. 

💫 Gloabal Moderator -Means I am mod in every room on cups and can help with situations when needed. 

💫Doorkeeper - Means I can open and close rooms when needed. 

💫LSC Host - Means I host Listener Sharing Circle

💫LD Host - Means I host Listener Discussion 

💫Project Agent(For LD) - Means I help come up with ways to make LD better along with help train oncoming hosts. 

💫Saftey Patrol - I am able to flag inappropriate bios and accounts on cups. 

My special Potatoe @Kara13V love ya

🌸Availability🌸 (I am not currently taking any new chats due to my other roles and busy schedule)

-Personal request/pms only

-Focus mainly on long term but still take new chats. <3

-Sessions are about 45-60 mins

-I am available from 4pm-11pm EDT(Weekdays)

-Available 11am-10 pm(Weekends)

-I usually reply within 30min-2 hours

Note! I do not take chats on Sexual Health or BPD 

Just A Note: Please do not overuse ! Or ❤️ When talking to me. It's just something that bugs me and triggers me.  Also, I use a lot of . (Periods) but that doesn't mean I'm mad or don't want to talk, it's just how I type most of the time. 

💐Online- Means I am online and available to talk
💐Busy- Means I am on cups and will reply when I have time
💐Offline- Means I am not taking chats at the moment but feel free to pm me and I will reply when I am online
✨Please note that I am very busy these days, and am not ignoring you. My main availablity is on the weekends from 11 am- 11pm EDT But will still be on during the week.✨
Why I joined 7 cups❤️

I joined 7 cups because I have been through a lot myself. I know what it is like to feel alone and unheard. I want to be able to provide a safe place where others can let go and vent about things on their mind without being judged. Reaching out is hard and so I want to make it easier for others and to remind them that it is okay not to be okay. My sole reasoning for joining is to help others and make sure they have someone to talkk to and feel less alone. 🌼

⚡️How I listen⚡️
- I will be there the best I can. I will have fast response times, and I will validate you. I make sure you know that your feelings are valid and that no matter what you are going through, you are not going through it alone. I will help push you to find ways to cope and better understand your situation, but will not do the work for you <3 I will ask open-ended questions, and will give you the safe space you need. <3

My special listeners 

My Listener Sibling: @Listeningsarinn

My Listener Go to: @EmmaE 

My PS Twin @LoveLilly

My TQS Twin @sophiasanae 

My Hosting buddies: @Starmedia, @vivelespatates, @fairyava, and @roweerainn123

My Listener twin: @dajia215

Other listeners I truly appreciate and won't forget: @AnnaListens06 ,  @EvelyneRose , @whenitsdarklookforstars , @itssoren , @kieran000 , @starmelon7 , @calmingMermaid5761 

💘I want you to remember that its okay not to be okay. It is okay to struggle, It doesnt make you weak. You all matter and the world shines brighter with you in it. Sometimes we have to take a step back before we can move forward and thats okay. Life can be tough, but you are even tougher. Recovery may be hard but it isnt impossible.  HOPE stands for Hold On Pain Ends. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are enough. Never forget that. 🔐

"If you want to fly, give up on everything that weighs you down."- Buddha💞


Number of Ratings: 76
Number of Reviews: 73
Listens to Teens
Languages English, Spanish
Listener Since Mar 9, 2021
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 183
Cheers 70,433
People Helped 127
Chats 331
Group Support Chats 266
Listener Group Chats 317
Forum Posts 200
Forum Upvotes 338
Feedback & Reviews
They are very sweet and kind
very nice and easy to talk to :)
Great listener ☺️ 😉
shes interested at the things i tell her
They are such a lovely person! They made me feel so understood and validated.
Bubbles was such an amazing listener, made me feel really cared for and asked the right questions... Thank you so much bubbles for being there for me when I needed you.
Kind person who actively listens and types properly
amazing and awesome
Very good listener
Bubbles got me thought a tough time, 10/10, would recommend
What a queen, great listener, fun and under
Bubbles is truly an amazing listener! I honestly don't know where to start. Bubble really helped me a lot. Bubbles is so fun and bubbly and really provides a good listening ear. She is just soo soo incredible! I was feeling really down and hard on myself, but Bubbles made me change that to omething amazing. She is just so amazing. I am so lucky to haveBubbles as a listener who is there for me. She really is head and shoulder above the rest! Thank you so much Bubbles!
B is the most wonderful human ever, She helps me more than she will ever realise. If you are reading this B, I have got your back too love. Thank you for being an awesome friend and an even better listener time and time again, Keep shining and being the wonderful you who helps us all
She is extremely comforting and helps solve the issue in a way that seems sensible to you.
very supportive and understanding
it was great! they were very understanding, and listened to everything i said
helped me find ways to cope with my issues! listened to me and let me rant also! loved talking to them they made me feel a lot better!
tried their best to understand me
Offered me the best support, would recommend 10/10 :)
I appreciate their knowledgeability and willingness to listen.
They were really nice, and I'd love to chat the again!
I liked how they were very understanding of my situation and really kind. It was nice.
bubbles helped talk me through my anxiety, i really appreciate her help
🕺🏼Thank u so much ur so kind and helpful
Very understanding, doesn't judge, excellent if you need emotional support!
She’s really really helping
such a great listener ngl, the best one probably, helps me with the issues i have, overall very amazing.
Actually listens to you and doesn’t push you on the situation.
She was one of the best listeners I’ve ever had and she made me feel a lot better and I reccomend messaging her because she is so nice and understanding.
So thoughtful, really listens to everyone. I felt so welcome!!
Bubbles thankyou for listened up to me, so kind and supportive, recommended 💙
She is really understanding and helpful. Listens carefully and reminds you that your feelings are valid. She's amazing!
one of the most caring people out there. kind, patient, amazing listener!
She's an amazing listener 💜
Amazing Listener. Bubbles is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for the kind words and wonderful support
They really do listen and go out of their comfort zone to help you, I strongly recommend Bubbles under most circumstances, she has made much happier in the short time I've talked to her
they helped me to the best of their ability and i am very grateful for them and their help
Very nice and overall supportive!
Was amazing!💕 So helpful! 🦋I love her! Will definitely use her again! Treated me like a best friend and when was there for the whole time💕! Super supportive and kind, and one of the sweetest listeners! She’s so kind and respectful and was great for our first chat! 💕 Absolutely superb! Was a great chat! Made me cry but tears of joy! Love her! Can’t get over how good the chat went! 💕 just outstanding!💕🦋
Wonderful job, didn't judge me and made me feel much better.
Bubbles is the one of the sweetest, most kind people I have ever met. She is so patient and thoughtful, listens to my problems but doesn't just let me wallow in gloom, and helps me start to problem solve.
Very attentive and reassuring.
The listener is really helpful. I'm glad I reached out to her.
bubbles is very nice and supportive! 10/10 they helped me sm
Lovely to talk to, helped me find ways to help myself that would actually work.
Good listener and listens carefully
Awsome, just awsome she really helps
This listener was wonderful to talk to, incredibly understanding and very nice to talk with and discuss things. If you're ever in a troubling situation, or just need someone to talk to, I would definitely recommend this person.
Weally nice talking to them. They're really comforting and easy to talk to. 100%felt better.
amazing, very understanding and sweet.
She was very nice and very helpful.
AMAZING listener, really understands and is incredibly encouraging. The best listener I've ever had.
Helped me a lot and talked me through some options I have
you rock bubbles2025
Amazing listener, very kind and gentle
bubbles is simply incredible. they use their humanity, wonderful communication skills and empathy above all else. i really connected with bubbles. no matter what i typed they were there to offer loving guidance, validation and questions to help me understand my emotions. this is one of the first times a person has been so refreshing to talk to. overall chatting with bubbles felt like a warm hug after an exhausting day.
They were a fantastic listener!
perfect i love hie they really think through befire typing out ehat they want to say i like them
Very understanding and available.
very helpful imo, asks a lot of questions and is very empathetic
thank you so much it was a great chat
Great listener helped me mellow out a little and relax
They were funny and nice
they were very nice and helpful, and actually helped me figure out the solutions instead of just telling me them which was honestly pretty helpful!
Great listener, they really helped me go into depth about what I was feeling. I would recommend them, they were really understanding and patient.
they really helped me with a lot
very patient and a wonderful listener.
Super honest and helpful
They were really helpful
very responsive
Very helpful with calming me down
Helpful, nice person
She is amazing! She really listens to you and helps you through whatever your going through. I totally recommend talking with her :)
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