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♬ Hello hello, lovely human! Im Dahlia!! ♬

I only take chats of one session for 45 minutes, please pm me if you think this would be helpful for you

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my bio!!

 Please read through my Complete  bio before sending me a message to ensure that you get the best help, and the chat is comfortable for the both of us!

  Here’s a hug  🤗 sometimes that’s all we need ♬ 

 I see you, I see the pain my luv, but I also see you. You are strong, you are beautiful/handsome, you are  resilient, and most importantly, you are capable! You will push through this I'm rooting for you! 

Always remember

I love you ♥️

I appreciate you ♥️

And I most definitely care about you ♥️

Here’s another hug *hugs* I love you   

Hello hello! Im Dahlia! (like the flower) 

I’m a teen listener from the lovely land of Canada who’s been through a fair share of issues. I am currently a junior (about to be a senior) in high school and im looking forward to pursuing a post secondary education in the field of psychology and fashion!

 I enjoy cooking, playing hockey, giving virtual hugs *hugs*, and listening to music!! Particularly Drake :b 

I love music and quotes so if you have any song suggestions or quotes you’d like to share I’d love to hear from you!

Please be sure to read through my complete bio before sending me a message!


💚: online, feel  free to shoot me a message I’ll get back to you within a couple of seconds!!

🧡 :   Im online but busy, feel free to shoot me a message I’ll get back to you within a couple of minutes!!

❤️ : Offline or very busy, shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!!!

I know how it feels to be sad, I know how it feels to feel like the only person going through unbearable numbness, when you look around. Even the birds have something to sing about, though they have not heard the thousands of songs played on the radio. Even the stars have something to shine down upon, kissing the faces of loved ones that have been left behind. The skies even seem to have more emotions than you, from the rage of lightning and thunder to the sadness of the gentle rain, crying over the loss of someone they loved. Everything has something to smile, to cry, to laugh about, but it seems youre all alone, so so numb you cant even feel your heart beating. IM here to help you find that missing piece my luv, just bear with it for a little longer

Some things to keep in mind while chatting with me! :)

It is rare for my status to be green, if my status is orange feel free to send me a message, and ill get back to you asap! In some rare cases it will be green though! 

 When offline messaging me please provide details on what you would like to chat about! i get many pms every day and it takes a bit of time to reply to them all! If you were to just say "Hi" you would receive a "Hi" back! :) 

If we're having a casual chat please keep in mind that i most likely will take some time to respond! I focus more on support chats! But otherwise feel free to message me for casual chats! :)

Please respect my boundaries <3

Some attributes of mine that may trigger you are:

At times i may ask a question several times, this means i may be having trouble understanding your answer, or im trying to see if you have a different point of view as our conversation continues

I tend to write in essay style replies

 I tend to call people, luv, dear, mate, lovely. I also tend to say "i love you" these all are strictly based on the situation, i DO NOT use this in a inappropriate or patronizing way, please keep that in mind <3  

At times i may use bigger words, but I’m definitely capable of using slang and simple language if that’s what you prefer

I tend to use exclamation marks and heart emojis a lot

If any of these trigger you, or make you uncomfortable, please let me know! I would gladly to correct myself so the both of us are comfortable in the chat!

A note for my lovely long-term members, or members interested in becoming a long term member. Due to my circumstances, my unstable mental health, and physical heath. My response time for all messages will be 24-48 hours. Thank you so much for understanding!

TOPICS I DO NOT TAKE: (i dont believe i am best suited for)

Sexual health 
Mens/Womans issues 

Borderline personality disorder
Chronic pain
I do take chats on eating disorders all except for Bulimia 

My triggers:

Please do not graphically describe any acts of self harm 

Thank you for understanding! 

For all other chats please shoot me a message I would really love to hear from you 

My roles! 

Sharing circle host
 Healthy habits host
Verified Listener 
Trained Listener

Teen chatroom star
Peer Supporter/Chat supporter 
24/7 support room coverage team 
Chatroom Moderator for the newbie hub community 
Chatroom Moderator for community projects and events community 
Project Agent for the teen only zone community 
An intern here at cups
Listener verifier team

Some lovely people 

(Usernames are clickable)

My lovely best cups friend


 My loveliest friend 
You can count on me like 1 2 3

My listening sis

I'll be there for you
(Like I've been there before)


If you’ve made it to this point you’re a wonder! I love you! *hugs * 


Scroll more for my favorite song lyrics

 ♬You love me, and I love you...your head hurts and mine does too. And it's just words and they cut deep but it's our world, it's just us two"♬
 ♬"You could have my heart, or we could share it like the last slice. ♬

 ♬ “But it's too late, 'cause I'm already yours/ You just gotta promise me, hearts   won't break/ And end up like before.”

♬"I need you to rescue me from my destiny/ I'm trying to live right and give you whatever's left of me.”

 ♬"We don't like to do too much explaining/Story stayed the same, I never changed it…"♬


♬"It's hard to do these things alone/Just hold on, we're going home…"♬

 ♬"How could something so familiar be so strange?"

"♬Tables burn, bridges burn, you live and learn"♬

♬"I've got my eyes on you, you're everything that I see"♬

♬When the party's over just don't forget me, I'll change the pace..
and we'll just go slow"♬


 ♬We coulda worked it out but I guess things change...It's funny how someone else's 
 success brings pain"♬

                                                         (PM me for song names)




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Number of Reviews: 92
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Listener Since Jan 25, 2021
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Feedback & Reviews
She's so nice! I really enjoy talking to her. I've talked to a lot of listeners here and Dhalia is one of my favorites :)
She's really sweet and she helped me feel better. I gained more clarity after our chat. Loads of love and strength to you 🧡
Is a really good person and also really kind
Very calm and patient, listened what I had to say and didn’t judge.
Great listener
She's really amazing and caring. I would definitely recommend her. She makes me feel warm and comfortable with her. Really great listener and patient in replying to all my problems. I thank her for being my listener and I wish her happiness ❤️
Great listener and makes you calm
amazing listener
very helpful and a good listener :)
Very loving and caring
A nice and caring listener I can tell she actually wants to listen 💚
Very nice and helpful!
i really enjoyed talking to her. she heard and listened to me and understood everything i said. best listener ever! i totally recommend her and im looking forward for our chats in the future. thanks again for listening to me 💕💕
It feels amazing talking to them! They helped me so much and understood me and my feelings perfectly! The best listener I've talked to! I meant every word
She/He was so supportive and gave me alternatives of how to fix my problem. They helped me so much it felt like magic!
Awesome! She gave me some amazing ways to get through a panic attack! ❤️
I loved it!! Best. Chat. Ever!!!!! This listeners personally from the beginning was fire!! Just so so amazing! She made me feel so awesomely comfortable! And asked amazing questions related to my situation!!! She completely understood what I was going through and helped tremendously when I honestly thought no one could! If anyone ever needs help this is your girl!! Amazing! Awesome! And super sweet! 11/10!!
Great chat! One of my first ever on this website and she was so professional, kind, caring, compassionate. I’d rate it 100/10 if I could! This listener deserves so so much for all she does! She really truly helped me!
Wow, where do I start! This amazing listener listened to me ramble about all my nonsense. They were so so patient and so empathetic and sweet! I was having a tough time seeing the good in my situation and she helped me sort through it all! She deserves so so much! Thank you for all you did for me mermaid!
Awesome listener. They’re so kind, empathetic, caring, and so so so amazing. I needed someone to help me and she really really did so. She reassured me that everything is going to be okay. And even though my parents and everyone else gave up on me she doesn’t and I know she never will. She’s so so amazing! Thank you
They're really helpful and a very good listener
She let me know I was loved. I really just needed to hear the words I love you from anyone. Just to make me push harder and live through another day. And she made me want to see another day. Her positive spirit and sweet words are amazing. Honestly I’ve never met someone more kinder then this amazing listener. Thank you so so much! 10/10 I would most surely recommend her. And I most surely will be coming back to chat with her again! Again thank you so much! - Ben
This listener is so amazing. I’ve never met someone as sweet and kind as her. I was in my darkest moment ever when I came on here and I needed someone. She is such an amazing friend. Honestly one of the best friends I’ve ever had! I hope she has an amazing life! And I’ll definitely remember this amazing listener for a very long time. When I first met her the vibe was amazing! She is much too kind for this world lol. Smiles and hearts and most definitely all my love and hugs!! Thank you so much mermaid! ❤️🤗
Omg!! Best listener everrrr!!!!! 1000000000000/10! She was so so so so sweet! She is literally the best listener on this whole website. She understood me. And no one understands me. I can even say she helped me understand myself. She was so so patient and extremely kind and sweet! Honestly my best friend ever! She gave me amazing tips on how to deal with my s/h and gave me an amazing technique on how to deal with it! I’ve been sober from doing it for 3 months now and I really could’ve done it without her. I am literally crying as I’m writing this! I hope she has a wonderful and amazing life and just know that you changed my life! Completely changed it and I’ll never forget you!! Know that you are the sweetest person ever! If anyone needs to ever talk to a listener i suggest her completely! She is so so so awesome! Thank you so much. I truly hope you never have to deal with any pain in your life if you don’t deal with any yet. You are a diamond among stones. I wish you the best of luck in life! Your best friend! - J ❤️
Literally the best listener ever. I was in so much pain when I came to her! I was almost in tears! She gave me wonderful amazing tips on how to calm down a panic attack! I couldn’t be more thankful! She is kind , compassionate, patient, an active listener. She is non-judgemental, understanding and like so so awesome . They let me talk out whatever is in my mind, and didn't made me feel rushed. Such a sweet, and super lovely human!They made me feel heard and validated while helping me consider other view points. She checks up on me every single day. It’s literally the highlight of my day! She is sooo sooo so awesome. If you ever need anyone to talk to she’s such an amazing and kind person! I can’t even describe it!! (Also she give virtual hugs 😛) * hugs tightly*! Thank you so so so so much Mermaid!!
thank you :( so so so much
She listens and she is so nice!!! And she helped as much as any human can
made me feel better about myself and made me realise what i had to do
They understood my problems and really helped me a lot
Good listener, very kind
Very understanding.
Good listener, it’s comforting to talk to♥️
she just awesome tbh, i feel great after talking to her
Great listener
She Helped me with my problem and she's really nice
really one of the best friends ive had ever
She is the best she really listens
She helped me with my loneliness and I got more motivated to break this boundary surrounding me
She‘s so kind and an amazing listener! She helped me out so well when I needed it. An amazing person.
They helped me a lot, gave me a really helpful trick for navigating my situation and really helped calm me down.
very sweet i like she’s listening to me
they were lovely
kind and helpful. Really understanding too!
Gave me a good tip on how to manage a Panic Attack!
kind and nice, understanding
Perfect! listened to my nonsense
great person loved their attitude
They are very nice, and I appreciated our time.
they were a great listener and helped a lot!
Very understanding! Made me feel relaxed
It was a very helpful chat.
amazing listener
She is great and kind I really liked her
That was a nice talk
Very sweet excellent listener
Amazing and super chill!! She just let me rant and was such a good listener
Empathetic and kind.
They really help a lot and are nice
very nice and helpful, super sweet
So kind and I loved our chat!
Really good amd friendly listener
She helped me during a tough time. I can't thank her enough.
Thank you so much, you’re so amazing and I hope you have a fantastic life!!
they are so nice and kind to me
Good, nice chat
He or she listens and help me thank you
:D i lub it i have to write more but i luved it
Very good listener
incredibly supportive and empathic
A really great listener totally recommend!!
Shes a good listener
She's just too damn sweet.
Completely awesome! Listened well, responded quickly, and offered tips! 10/10
She was very helpful, she made me feel like I was ok. She helped and gave me really good advice.
She was so kind! :)
Shes super sweet and very good at listening.
Amazing helper, really helped with anxiety and grounding.
sweet and helpful
They are amazing! Love the energy and really helped me out! 100000/10 would talk to them again.
She listens....And guides
pretty chill person.
Listened to my concerns throughout and gave me advice :)
Seems Geary nice and easy to talk to
positive vibes from start to finish
Great person! Very nice and helpful
Very friendly and kind, and helped me calm down
they were really good, suggesting things to do to help me make friends, and things to do to fill up my time alone it was helpful.
super sweet!!!!
She let me feel comfortable talking
they are really comforting to talk to
Nice to meet.......
She is a very patient and lovely listener
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