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compassionateTree4567 |
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*I am not taking any NEW MEMBER chats* -SELF CARE BREAK
Please read my whole bio

- I am an Adult-Teen Listener.

I turn my online status - so if it is green = I am online, Red - offline, orange - busy.

-- DID/OSDD friendly --
smileyIf you would like to talk, please feel free to leave a PM and I will get back to it as soon as I can. Otherwise, we could schedule a time.smiley

You can talk to me about anything I may not be a good listener, but I will try my best to support you and hear you out. Otherwise, feel free to join the queue or Browse Listeners. 

yes Please understand that I am not a 24/7 person that can instantly attend to you. I would appreciate a brief message while I am offline and I can reply when available. Or we can set a schedule (Please DM me)yesyesyes 

yesI am not here to dictate as to what you should do. I am not here to tell you what you should do. yesyesyes
My role: 
yes I am here to listen compassionately. Conversing can help. As a listener, I am here to give you emotional support. You are more than welcome to talk to me about anything. 

yesAs Listeners, We are not allowed to give advice as it can be dangerous. We do not know your full situation and context.

yes If you are in crisis, please do not hesistate to reach out to crisis hotlines. 
yes"All the advice in the world willl never help you until you help yourself." 
yes"I cannot help you, I can only guide you. And you are the one who can help yourself" 


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Number of Ratings: 187
Number of Reviews: 147
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Mar 31, 2018
Last Active in last week
Progress Path Step 875
Cheers 211,265
People Helped 780
Chats 2,501
Group Support Chats 690
Listener Group Chats 217
Forum Posts 117
Forum Upvotes 219
Feedback & Reviews
she/he is amazing and caring , listened to my complicated situation and tried her best to help.
Really good at listening and was relieving to talk. :)
Very good at understanding what im going through and helping me break it down and work through it
Offered me an ear when I mentioned I am suffering. Kind, compassionate, patient, an active listener. They were non-judgemental, understanding. They let me talk out whatever is in my mind, and didn't made me feel rushed. Such a sweet, friendly human
super nice and easy to talk with
thank you for listening
Really nice, loved he/her/them/buns/xir a lot.
Helped me with anxiety
This listener is so calm, and is listening to you every time, loved chatting.
Very helpful to people
A very kind person I would say
Really understanding and a great list
Well understandable and listen to you every aspect want to help really..!!
very kind and helpful
They are really help
One of the best and calming chats I’ve had in a while thank you for being here
Very nice, to others! Yes!
Amazing and compassionate and let me rant
they're very compassionate and sweet.
This is my first time on this website and I've never felt so comforted. This is truly a sweet and helpful person. I for sure recommend.
Wasnt robotic was interested in what I was saying
Listens patiently, is very kind and understanding.
She was kind. I talked about whatever was on my mind and she supported me throughout. Also helped me come up with mindfulness ideas
Amazing! Good listener!
Very helpful. If they needed clarification they asked for it instead of assuming. They made me feel heard and validated while helping me consider other view points. I had an amazing experience. 15/10 would recommend.
Amazing as always helping me try be strong and really does care ❤
Kind, compassionate, and DID friendly! Our entire system of nine approves
Very nice and I like the name. Thank you so much
Compassionatetree4567 was very thoughtful.
The listener is a kind soul
Very good. Very sensitive.
Helped me so much..Thank you
Attentive and helpful in processing difficult emotions.
Very helpful. They listened to me and helped me to reflect on the situation that I was in and reminded me that it's okay to care myself when needed.
They are the best! So nice and supportive
Caring and understanding. Really gets the point and asks questions to make you see the situation from other perspectives that is helpful
Very good and empathetic listener.
Very good listener and a kind person helped me feel good.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. I was very relieved to chat with a kind soul
A really good listener. I just needed somewhere to get my feelings out and the listener was very concerned about my situation and offered very good conversation
Understanding and helpful. Nice to have someone to just hear me.
patient listener
Very responsive and compassionate
Love her sincerity
This personal acted as a good listener and encouraged me to think about why I feel the way I am
Listened to what I had to say and gave me useful resources, a nice talk. Thanks again
Helpful guy, appreciate it
A empathetic listener who truly care for you.
There arent enough words to describe how amazing this person is. I was at the lowest point in my life, broken down and crying, and they were there for me through it.
Great listener and patient. Very kind to spend time to help others in need!
Thanks for listening. It really helped
very nice and patient person. Great help
Good listener and did not give the same advice over and over again. Gave different ideas each time and listened to me vent over repeated topics which I appreciate.
Great listener with a positive and wise mindset. I felt relaxed after our first conversation
Sometime you just need to vent. This guy is a real friend. Thank you homie, you gave me back my dignity !
Amazing listener. Compassionate and kind. Made my day much better! Thanks
Really felt heard and like my feelings were important thanks
Helped me get clarity on what to do and what i should do
An understanding person.
This person has a heart of gold and is a wonderful listener. I am so grateful that people like this exist in the world. Thank you for being the light in darkness!
Like u keep it up
Very kind and calming to talk to
Very nice person. Listens and gives advice from a different perspective. Now I’ll consider a friend.
She is so kind and patient
Really nice casual converstaion. Was very positive and responsive through out. Also helps that we're both college students so we related to each other a lot.
Good listener so far!
very positive, easy going vibe.
Really helpful chat and a highly considerate and compassionate listener who took their time to listen to the full story. All my thanks~
I really enjoyed chatting with this listener. It really help me put things in perspective I would like to be able to reach out again
Caring and sweeet
Great listener, felt much better after the chat
actually took the time to understand me and my situation
thoughtful listener. he/ she acknowledges that my problem does exist and she doesn't neglect my problem even though it might seem cliche / insignificant
Had a good talk, very kind and compassionate
An absolutely sweet person!
Great listener
She/he is really comforting
She’s an amazing listener cares asks questions when needed I’d request her to any one.
Awesome chatting I liked it
This was great. This person knows when to talk, when to shut up and what questions to ask. Very open, very honest and direct.
Great Listener I hope i can talk to you everytime i feel down
Great listener!!!
They were very understanding of my perspective and encouraged me to have a positive outlook in my relationship.
great listener and helpful
good listener. and is helping me find out who i am.
Really friendly!
Nice and caring listener
great listener made me feel better
Nice and understanding
Help a lot, good listen
They are awesome and polite.
Very calming and sip
Very helpful and knowledgeable and great at giving advice.
a really good conversationalist.
Thanks for listening!
Very nice to talk too. Helps me directly with my problem. Understands me
This was the very first chat that I have done on 7cups. Neonbluenavy03 gave me the space I needed to let go of the negative emotions that I have been carrying for a long time. Also, this listener provided excellent feedback on how to better manage how I am feelings. They reassured me that it is okay to take care of myself, but also urged me not to dwell on the negatives and to continue to push forward.
Very willing to help if though I wasn't completely ready to let everything out. Very good listener. Will message again when I am ready!
Very nice, made me feel like i wasnt alone
They gave really good advice and i enjoyed getting tips on how to try and relax and make myself feel better. all in all i highly suggest them!
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