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Hi I am fancysummer52 ,I like to be called summer ☺️
i am a verified listener , If you are looking for someone to vent or talk to ,I will be happy to listen without bring judgemental. I take chats on relationship , family, friends , siblings. Marital issues , parenting and also eating disorders 🐣

(I don't take chats on sex or masturbation or inappropriate chats )

Feel free to send me message ,if I am offline will respond as soon as I see ♥️

All the best , wishing you get best listner lwith whom you feel connected ☺️
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Languages English, Hindi, Urdu
Listener Since Mar 8, 2018
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Friendly and attentive
Very helpful, was good at putting things in perspective
she reached out to me to see if im ok.. i love her!
Thank you so much, you are angel
Loved it! Awesome chat!
It was nice. I felt I was listened to. I would have liked a bit more advice but I think the issue was a weird one anyway. I appreciate the listening so much! Thank you
Great. Really good at adapting, asking questions, and providing some good ideas
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Very helpful and knows a lot
Good listener no problems
Really good listener and helped me explore some difficult feelings
A very good listener. If you are looking for someone who can guide you through your situation
Genuinely loved talking to her. She's kind and compassionate, and really cares about helping people. I've known her for a week or so and I feel less alone now. 5/5 great job!
great listener and had very good insight into my problems
he is gud and understanding .. best person ever met
Just a great person to talk to that understands you, and gives great advice. Comforting. Thank you fancy! I seriously thank you :)
She was a great listener!
fancySummer52 is a lovely person - I really appreciated our chat. Thank you :)
If you overthink as much as I do and need a clarity...this is a good listener for you. Thank you 🤗
He/She is very helpful in listening to and encouraging people!
Awesome girl! She just listened to me so patiently and never for a min was judgmental. A sweet person who makes you feel reallly calm and sweet...Good luck!
She is good. Puts effort in helping. Has religious knowledge and can help you guide through it if you need help with that also. So quite versatile
Summer is a kind hearted listener and one of the best I have come across. (I’ve been through a good few). She has given me insight to my life and really good advice. I’d highly recommend! Thanks Summer for all your help and always being there for me!
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Thank you for your help
I enjoyed talking to the listener,
I just want to say thank you for the advices
Wicked awesome listener. Was able to really help me out when I needed it the most
Summer is quite an amazing and sweet hominid, Sagacious L'Amour..!!
Very compassionate and listening to me. Thank you for ur help.
fancySummer52 has been such a wonderful help to me. She listened to everything I had to say and gave me some great advice that I will definitely use. I would give this conversation 5 stars and a great big thank you to her for being such a great help!
Good job!!!!
Great Listener. :)
Very good listener
Listens carefully
Really understanding and patient listener
She was a great listener. Very warm and patient.
they are very kind
Very kind and gentle
Very helpful. Helped me break through the thoughts that had held me back, and turned a poor night into an insightful and good night! She was fabulous in all ways, even speaking a language that is not her first! This was my first experience on this site, and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you fancySummer52!
Thank you!
helped me so much to overcome my mind issues
i'm so grateful for this chat. they were really helpful, kind, sweet, and supported me through my problems:)
Truly amazing person
really helped me,wish there were more listeners like that...
Quite innocent kind of listener But listen carefully, Kind & Empathetic kind of listener
Beautiful person
she was nice and supportive
Good listener
Listened the whole time gave there input when needed and came to an understanding
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