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fromZeroTwotoHiro |
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A guy who has some experience with mental health problems...
Number of Ratings: 265
Number of Reviews: 207
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Bosnian, Croatian, German, Serbian
Listener Since Jul 19, 2018
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Gender Male
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People Helped 1,062
Chats 2,594
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Feedback & Reviews
Listener was kind and empathetic.
Excellent! A wonderful listener.
Very nice, responsive and easy to talk to
I was so irritated when I came on but talking to Hiro calmed me down and I feel much lighter so as to get on with my work. Cheers!
replied fast and listening was very helpful
They were really nice and listened to me well during a bad time
I appreciated having someone to listen and not judge
Made me feel better just as I was about to sleep. Thanks Hiro. :)
Hiro is truly so sweet & understanding. They are a wonderful listener that helped me out!
Great listener brill
Nice guy and great listener. I enjoyed talking to him. Thanks
Very very great and calm
This person was very helpful!
Very nice and a good listener
Good and helpful and hopeful.
Is a great active listener.
Very good listener. Appreciable :)
great listener thank you
Very supportive and very open when listening
He's a good listener and good at the conversation.
Very helpful. Thank you
kind, good listener
Nice person to chat with
Very kind and patient
helped me let everything out. really great
Nice person! Understanding too:)
good time to spend and talk with
amazing human being
A great listener. โ˜บ๏ธ
Very good listener who didn't judge me at all, very helpful.
A very kind, open minded and lovely listener ๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Great listener, very compassionate
very kind and helpful
Listens to my relationship issues, is understanding
very supportive, offers great advice. a keen listener and very respectful person. doesnโ€™t overstep his boundaries
Very calm and patient
good listening
Hiro listened to me intently and asked many questions, allowing them to get a good grasp on what I was going through. They didn't only tell me what I needed to hear, but provided truthful insight about what they think would be best for me. I would talk to them again 1000x more times.
Hiro is honestly an amazing listener who provided an insightful different perspective to my situation that was worth considering. Would definitely recommend if you're looking to chat with something. ๐ŸฆŠ
He listen to me when I needed it the most. And that was more than enough in my time of need
Awesome listener, helped me a lot
Good listener and validating!
Very helpful and kind
Great listener, feel understood
He is the best ๐Ÿ’—
Hiro was so helpful and gave me his honest opinion on my situation. Thank you Hiro!
really understanding and very helpful.
It is okay, the listener is patient
Very persistent
He is great! Great listener
very great listener, giving feedback and constant answers
I love the attentiveness and asking questions!
kind and cool personality
great listener who listens to how you feel but also makes your doubts go away
A kind listener
really insightful
Great chat - thanks for listening
Definitely would talk to him again
Hiroโ€™s so kind and said what needed to be said even if itโ€™s been hard to tell myself. Heโ€™s really chill and a genuinely fun person to talk to. Iโ€™ve never talked about what we did with anyone else and it felt really natural. Thanks so much, Hiro. You made my day lol. Hope you take care!!!
Awesome chat. Listened to every detail with patience. Helped me. Loved it!
Great listener and very friendly.
Liked the chat, helpful, makes one feel better. responses prompt as well
good listener, very helpful
Really good listener! gave me the chance to express how i feel and gave me good responses
Hiro listened to my issue and gave very good feedback!!
Great Listener, I felt understood and like he was really listening to me.
Awesome chat. Thank you.
They are very patient and kind.
The best listener everrrr!! Very good listener and very understanding
Great listener.. really helpful
Great listener
Understanding and patient listener
he s really helpfull
Good listener and I felt really good after talking
really kind! would chat again
Very helpful, thank you
Very understanding and helpful
They really made me feel understood and listened to. thank you
Nice and friendly
Very pleasant conversation
Great listener
Patient and helpful
Great listener so far
He is such a good and empathetic listener, I felt like I could really let it all out.
clear and attentive
Wonderful listener
a really good listener
Very understanding I feel a lot better after talking to him:)
Great listener
Thanks Hiro! Appreciate you - Pusheen
Thank you for the quality and compassion.
Willing to listen, was sympathetic with my situation.
Great listener!
Good listener to get some steam or problems out on the table.
Good and fast responses. Thank you for your work
Helpful and good listener
He was an amazing person to chat with, listening and passing back amazing words, had a great chat, thank you:)
It was great sharing my thoughts with the Listener!!
this person gave me wisdom and a different perspective on what went wrong and how its time to let go. It really gave me a sense of growth
Extremely helpful
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