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happySoul19 |
Listener - Connoisseur

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5.0 star rating

UPDATE: I am sorry i can't take 1-on-1 chats at the moment due to some personal reasons, but i am sure you will find so many great listeners out there that will be more than happy to help you out. Stay strong! 💜

Hello, I am your ears, here to calm, love and understand you. Share your thoughts, issues, problems etc, I am here to understand. Keep smiling always.. :)

Number of Ratings: 177
Number of Reviews: 103
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Sep 16, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
Thank you so much for listening
Just wow! Really a nice human being! ❤️
Awesome listener! Really professional! 💯
Absolutely fun to talk to!
5+ 🌟 Really awesome! Thank you!
Excellent listener, so patient and supportive.@happySoul 19, thank you so much.
Loved his attitude! Fully passionate! Helped me face my difficulty!! Real motivator!
Great human being! Really appreciate your help!
Wonderful listener! Highly recommended! Go for it!
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! 💯
Wonderful chat! Really loved it!
Great talk! Awesome listener! Very nice talking to him!
He is really nice! 10/10! Really helped me a lot! ❤️❤️❤️
He's so good and nice .. thank you
Very nice listener. Completely swept me out of my feet! Thank you!
Good! Very kind and professional! Love his attitude!
Nice talk! Really a great motivation!
Great! Awesome response!
He is really a good listener!
Wonderful! Great personality!
He is wonderful! Really helped me/guided me. Really recommend him for others. Stay happy always!
Smart! Made me laugh! Thank you!
So nice to talk to him. Such a nice listener. Really loved his presence!
Wonderful listener! Great talking. Really awesome!
Nice talk! Really loved his attitude! Very empathetic! Thank you!
He is a gem! Really helped me! Thank you!
Really Awesome!
Wonderful listener! Changed my view towards problems. Thank you!
Very much understanding! Really helped me a loot. Thank you!
Super cool! Awesome chat!
Really loved talking with happy! He is a genuine listener who really cares. Stay happy soul!
Loved it! A good companion to trust!
Great talk! Wonderful soul!
A wonderful, caring listener! Really appreciate his patience and gentle heart!
Good listener. Very empathetic! What helped me the most was their friendly behavior and it seemed like they cared.
Wonderful listener! He never judged me. Makes you happy always.. Thank you for the help!
He is good! Keepbup your good work! Really appreciate your support!
Took the time to listen and I appreciate it thanks.
Awesome chat! Loved it!
Wonderful person! He is genuine and trustworthy! I completely love his positive attitude! Thank you!
Great listener
Very lovely to chat and have some one listen
He is wonderful. Happy to talk to you! Share you happiness!
He is a great listener! Understands you very well! Not at all judgemental! A carefree soul! A gem! :*
Extremely pleasant, an attentive listener. Seems very genuine.
Made me feel comfy, first time here on 7cups.
Really helped me.
He is a very nice and kind person... Anyone would love to talk to him... His replies make you feel better
Wonderful and awesome listener! He really spend time with us. Thank you very much!
Very nice listener. Really help me a lot.
A helpful listener. very switch in response. great motivator
Very professionalist n a very nice person.. if anyone really want to talk to perfect listner..he is the one..
He is awesome
Passionate listener. Really spent valid time with me.. Beautiful listeners makes 7cups beautiful.. great go team.
Good. Pleased me up.. you are my friend dear..
You made me love you. Really happy soul.. :)
Great talk. Really loves him. So kind listener ever talked. Thank you happy soul..
Full of fun and energy. Made me laugh a lot. Really great.. lovely
Awesome. Makes me smile.. :)
Happy soul is so fun. Help us to forget all our sorrows. Really nice and very happy talking to him. Thank you.
He is really a nice listener. Really calm me down. He always make sure we are okay. Really sweet..
He's an amazing person who can make you believe in yourself. His words are inspiring which posses the power of making one feel worthy and right.
He made me think positive. Nice guy.. :)
Great talk..
Nice talk
Very supportive. A genuine listener.
Nice talk
Easy going. Really nice. Respect
Very nice to talk. High positive energy..thank you
He is very good. Really nice to talk..
Nice... :)
Highly recommended. Nice listener. Very helpful.
Great you happysoul.. :)
thank you happysoul.. you help me a lot..
Really nice to talk. Great help. Thank you..
Really nice talk. Thank you..
Really helpful. Nice chat.
Very nice. Always ready to you.
He is of very help. High positive energy.. thank you very much.
Very nice and helpful. He helped me a lot..
Really helpful. Fantastic
He is really good. Happy Soul is always happy to help. Love you.
Helped me to smile.. Really nice person..
Nice to talk. Feel relaxed..
He is a really good listener. I could say a perfect listener. Loving person. Thank you very much for your time..
Very nice listener. Really a help..
He is very good..
Really nice person..
Very helpful and understanding..nice talk..
Really nice person. He understands you well. Thank you very much..
Happy Soul is a really nice listener. Understanding and affectionate. Recommend..
Really helped me a lot. 5 star for you..
Awesome listener..
Really helped me a lot. A great listener..
He's nice listener.
Thank you for your time
He was wonderful and honest that all I asked for
seems nice
Nice, Caring awesome listener. i feel better now. i look forward to chatting with you more. thank you so much :)
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