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Hello Everyone! My name is Nicole & I’m 30 years old working, working fullrising young Advertising/Marketing Director for one of the largest Financial Groups. In addition to working full-time, I am finishing my Master's degree in Strategic Communcations!

I am so pleased you stopped by and I look forward to assisting you. . 

This is a judgment free zone, so feel free l to say as much, or as little, as you prefer.

My goal when chatting with you is to grasp an understanding of your life and what you're experiencing. If you have a problem, then let's fix it! If you're unsure of what to choose or decide, then let me be your unbias listener and assist you make your selection. 

Be sure to remain respectful and appropriate within our chat, at all times. Keep in mind there are different cultures and ethnicities on this website. You and I have not met and know very little about one another, which creates the liklihood of miscommunication. Understand I would never intentionally offend you, so if something is sad that you do not appreciate or bothers you, please let me know. 

I look forward to our chat!! Make sure my status is online (green), if not your mesage will be in my inbox. 






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Feedback & Reviews
I was an emotional wreck when we started chatting. She was able to talk to me through what I was feeling and offer me insight to what was happening. I appreciate her spending her time with me and listening to my problems. Her experiences gave her the insight to guide those that are misdirected. Thanks to her, I'm not going to engage in vindictive behavior like I had planned before talking to her.
Really had great advice and was very helpful.
A nice person, who’s willing to help when they can. Thank you.
This was a good listener. She was calm, polite, and level headed. She really tried to help me sort out my issue. One of my better experiences on this site. She also has a good screen name, which I agree with. I would speak to her again.
Nice compassionate listener
Highly recommend this listener. Takes time out to talk to you. After a while, this listener will feel more like a friend rather than just a listener. Response time is excellent.
Thanks for your time!
We didn't speak much but i know shes cool ~ Mike .
thank you for being understanding
This listener seemed not very willing to empathize or relate in a natural manner. And yet the experience was rewording. Sometimes we acquire valuable learning from one who makes us feel constrained. I strange kind of Zen method seemed to be this listeners forte
Kind and understanding.
Awesome help, great interest shown in my problem and found root causes. Great person, thanks
Talking is kind of helping me out in clearing my thoughts.
Such a nice person. She never once judged me and was very understanding and informative. She is also is very patient and kind. She made me think about my situation and ways to better myself. I enjoyed chatting with her and you will too. She's very easy to talk to. Thank you for listening to me for so long! You're awesome! :)
Simply a great listener with a great username to match. I was feeling very stressed when I first connected with imperfectionisbeauty24 but as I explained how I felt, shared my experiences and reflected on her empathetic comments, I began to gradually feel better. Anyone can be a listener but not everyone knows how to be compassionate.
Just click "Chat now". You won't regret it. Best person to talk to ever.
Great listener. Super intuitive and really turned my day around.
Very supportive.
She is so helpful god bless 😊
She was very empathetic and had very good insight
Very helpful and made me feel better.
I cant thank you enough for listening to me and providing a non- judgmental ear. you have helped alot for me to feel more positive about the future.
She is the super definition of a perfect listener! Her words are like real soft hugs! There couldn't be a better name than softHug19!
Great help!
A sincerely kind ear and an incredibly open heart - softHUG is a joy to chat with. Supportive, non-judgemental, empathic - a real treasure at 7cups
You seem very nice and caring. Keep up your good work.
great job. keep up the good work
this listener is very honest and polite
great listener
She was awesome! Very kind and professional and empathetic towards my issue. She was really genuine and went through a lot of the same problems as me and was able to relate to how I felt! I would recommend her to anyone on here!
Good listener and kind person :)
Wonderful understanding person with a good knowledge base.
She was super helpful with my situation and helped me calm down when I was having a biiig panic. Thank you!!
Thank you so much...I really needed to let things helped me a lot
I feel good after sharing my problems.... hope to chat with someone soon
Genuinely such a lovely person, makes you feel really important and she really cares
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