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jovialButterfly6752 |
Listener - Marvel 9

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 ☺️ I've just gotten back to university and things are stressful so I'll be taking a self-care break Friday October 1 - Friday October 15th to give myself time to adjust. See you on Saturday October 16th.

🦋 Please read this before sending me a direct message if you're seeking support as a member or listener. I'm no longer doing 1-1 chats given all the leadership roles I have on 7 Cups and external commitments. We have many lovely listeners here though, so please do reach out to one of them here. Please don't message me for Chat Support if I haven't said I'm available to chat in the LSR, or for casual chats as a listener if I don't know you. I'd appreciate it if you respected my boundaries. 🦋   

All credits to the creator of my profile pic (Titled 'Fatal Attraction', created by SmoreKr, posted on Deviant Art, Edited by AriadneLove). I don't own the image. 

"We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." — Plato  🦋 

Not sharing my gender identity to stay anonymous + safe (7 Cups says you don't have to share if you feel uncomfortable), but you can use they/them if you want.   

Verified Adult & Teen listener passionate about all things mental health. Hope to make a difference in the world, one tiny action at a time.  

Neurodivergent and proud ​​​​🖤


#EdGang #Edgangforlife (spreading awareness and support for eating disorders)  

Read about DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) here and here. A big thank you to HealTheHealer and TheWonderlandSystem for explaining this! 

I am open to chatting about anything except breakups, dating, parenting (sorry I have no experience with this), relationship stress, sexual health, and weight management.

Listener Twins

ouiCherie, my supercool #neurodiversefam. ADHD for the win! We're human beings with our Attention Dialled into a Higher Dimension. \o/  

richuyulin, a lovely person <3 We seem to do everything together, from being mods to ATLs. Grateful for their support with everything I do :)         

musicalHarmony, extra sweet guide to all things adulting. Empathetic, resilient, and thoughtful! Thank you for all your wisdom <3  

AriadneLove, another amazing neurodiverse friend who gets my ADHD brain! I love your energy and enthusiasm <3 Don’t stop being you!  

Star996, a genuine "star" as I've been trying to learn and grow on my journey here. Thank you for seeing so much good within me. \ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ \  

kindLemonade, lovely self-care buddy + ADHD advocate :D  Appreciate your drive and thoughtfulness! You always look out for everyone!  


Things I'm doing on 7 Cups right now:

Listener Discussion Host

Global Community Mentor

Community Mentor Leader for Support Plus 

Quality Mentor

Listener Coach

Global Moderator

Content Volunteer Team Editorial Assistant: Therapy Focus 

Safety Patrol

Peer Supporter (Adult and Teen) 

Chat Supporter (Adult and Teen)


Listener Room supporter

Used to be / Have Become a

Social Soldier with Project Lightship

Room Supporter: Disability, Trauma, General Support

Quality Leadership Program Graduate

7 Cups Internship Graduate

Leadership Development Program Graduate

Content Development and Marketing Program Graduate 

Group Leadership & Dynamics Development Graduate

Building Community Graduate

Project Agent Support Plus

Forum Supporter Support Plus

Forum Supporter Needs Reply

Chatroom Moderator for Disability Support, Newbie Support, and Trauma Support

Assigned Member Sharing Circle Host

Number of Ratings: 67
Number of Reviews: 64
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, French
Listener Since Nov 3, 2020
Last Active in last week
Progress Path Step 215
Cheers 285,694
People Helped 221
Chats 868
Group Support Chats 2,353
Listener Group Chats 1,167
Forum Posts 1,739
Forum Upvotes 2,691
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Feedback & Reviews
Amazing person! So kind and thoughtful.
Jovial's very responsive, and quite optimistic when it comes to the matter and overall creates a very warm and caring aura around them.
I love jov, such a sweet caring person
Thanks for being there for me
So helpful. Worked so hard to find me the appropriate support!! ❤️
He is very passionate and caring listener
They are a good listener and have given me good information to deal with my issues
Really understanding and make efforts to make u feel good
Great person to help
Real helpful and great listener
they were always very compassionate and supportive to me!! always listening and giving me the space to talk abt things
Very Kind, good listener
they were very nice
Nice to talk to
Listens to understand. Builds trust by keeping honesty’s the best policy.
Awesome Listener and alway there to listen to me and support me
Pretty helpful listener
Didn’t talk long, but jovialButterfly6752 was very friendly and really willing to listen. I’d love to chat more
Jovial is very kind and enthusiastic. I love this listener
Genuinely concerned with me and my issues. Very open and honest.
They're super sweet and understanding and they really listen to what you have to say :)
Jov is fantastic at responding quickly and offering friendly chat.
Very kind person. Awesome listener and community member.
Compassionate person and a fine listener.
So nice and friendly.
Amazing Person.
Nice and understanding
they're nice, they can make you feel comfortable enough to talk
Real person on this site good stuff
They are great in every way!
they are an AWESOME person 🍰
He is a very good listener.
A very nice person
jovialbutterfly was an extremely sympathetic and understanding listener
good lsitener, honest
Really good listener and clear as to what they where not comfortable with talking about in the beginning.
This listener is amazing! Super helpful and encouraging, like talking to an old friend...they're that steady, unbiased presence I was really looking for.
Helped me understand my situation. Would recommend.
Kind and helpful and nice. He was considerate and patient and not judgemental
Nice conversation. They did what I asked. It was refreshing
A very nice person. Would love to chat again.
Helped reduce my anxiety.
A kind person, a great open minded non judgmental listener.
They were very helpful and sweet. Thank you.
Good listen, gets to the heart of the problem
Awesome and encouraging
thank you kind and supportive
Wonderful listener who understands
i chatted with jovial and he helped me in the ways I asked him to! He was helpful overall, but he was a little dry with his answers. I totally understand because this has to be an emotionally exhausting job.
I love this listener so much, they helped me step-by-step and were always really understanding and kind. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They are amazing.
Amazing listener and asked all the right questions to guide me through what I was going through
Absolutely wonderful. I felt horrible going into it and like my emotions werent valid or rational. Butterfly helped me think out what had happened. And helped me get a clearer perspective on the situation and how my emotions were affecting me. I am super excited to talk again.
Lovely and so helpful 💖
Really great, calmed my anxiety.
super sweet and validating and emotionally intelligent :) 5/5 would recommend if you're needing a listener
they were very kind and helped me alot, they were also very patient with all my questions
Good listener and a supporter on weight loss
I hope you're successful in whatever you want to achieve
It was a friendly chat and really helped me to understand myself and stay positive even on the darkest days.
Intelligent smart caring listener
It was nice talking to you
Helpful and sweet
She is a very good listener.. Thankyou
Very good listener, attentive listening that soothes your mind
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