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kindheartedSoul46 |
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Hi there! First off, a very warm welcome to you! I am Kindheartedsoul46 a trained active listener here to be your friend, hear you out and do whatever I could to make you feel better! This is the one place where NOBODY would judge you or point fingers at you, so feel free to share all that you have in mind without any fear of any sort. ☺

About me, I don't really know how to describe myself, but the one thing I know about myself is that I would never judge you based on anything you say or accuse you of being anything. Everyone has their own reasons to do what they do or feel what they feel. So don't worry about being categorized as a bad or an evil person or anything of that sort. I have had a lot of people do that to me, so I completely get it and I know how it feels to be judged or accused of being a loser or not being good enough or being given a tag line of some sort, and I would NEVER do that to you.

Otherwise, about my likes, I love hearing music, watching movies, spending time with the people I love, reading books, spending some time alone with myself and I am a chronic animal lover, I have a pet rabbit who is about 9 years old now. ☺

The areas I could help you on are Break ups, Depression, Family Stress, Self Harm and Surviving Breakups. I have had my share of experiences in these areas and I guess I never really had anyone who would hear me out, or someone who I could vent my feelings out to and just have someone empathize with me. I won't say I am an expert, but I do know how it feels, and I am sure I could understand, hear you out, empathize with you and help you figure out and sort things in the best way possible. Usually most of the times, we have the answer to our problems, buried somewhere deep inside us or in the form of a tiny voice at the back of your head (Happens to me all the time! Have you heard it too?) But we are just too scared to even acknowledge it, due to the fear of it being rejected or it being a stupid idea of some sort, I have always felt that way in almost every situation I’ve been in. But the truth is, sometimes that really is the answer to your problem and sometimes having someone hear you out or having someone who you could just vent out all of the negativity to, helps clear your mind for a bit and helps you think and figure out ways to deal with your situation, which you probably never thought you could! So I am here to hear you out completely. You can tell me anything and everything that is on your mind without feeling anxious or embarrassed. You could also vent out all of your anger, pain and frustration without any hesitation. I will do my best to help you figure things out and you never know you may end up solving it yourself without any help at all and feel proud about yourself! After all you are the expert on you and I am sure you are a beautiful, amazing, smart and a strong person! ☺

If you want to talk and I am online please do chat with me! However, if I am offline, please feel free to leave an offline message and I will get back to you as and when I login again. I usually login almost daily, so I would get back to you soon. However if I don't, I am probably really busy or something important that needs my attention has come up! My sincere apologies for that! But be sure that I would without a shadow of a doubt respond to you. I won’t leave you alone! ☺
I am glad you found me!
Wishing you all the happiness and luck in the world!
Kindheartedsoul46. ☺

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