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Before anything about me..... some of you might know @BrightHeart116 is battling cancer #hopeforhappyfeet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

If you don’t know don’t ask😀😀(😂)
About Me!!!!!

Hello Luvs❤️! I’m Koala! My pronouns are they/them and she/her, idk. I’m 15 years old. Anywho, enough of that formal stuff.... I’m a pretty active person, not saying I’m fit..... I’m just active. I love to ski and plan on going to Iceland my senior year in high school. I also love to kayak, in whitewater. It’s a little scary but it’s really fun! And I also love to go camping, I’ve been to about 30 of the 50 states. I enjoy listening to music and playing some myself on my piano. I love to paint and sketch in black&white. I live on a farm in Pennsylvania and have one sister. If you have any questions about me I’m in the TCM almost every day.
Thanks for reading! ❤️


My Roles On 7Cups-

Room Supporter, I can provide support in the following rooms--teen support, depression support, and the newbie hub (teen community room and support room 24/7). If you have any questions I’m normally in the TCM and you can find me often in those chat rooms ❤️

My struggles...

Social Anxiety
Panic Attacks
Possibly Depression

When I’m the chat please be mindful of triggers

Some of my triggers are-

Arguments, if there is an argument in the chat I will probably leave because I don’t wanna be triggered

Injuries, I can take small stuff but my imagination runs wild when we’re talking surgery and bloody gashes

Suicide, I can be there if someone mentions it but I’ve had my fair share of problems in the past so please don’t start a conversation about it

Hospitals, yes... I’m afraid of them. Past experience gone wrong.

Death or accidents, what I mean by this is like people dying in some accident. Car crash, drowning, fire, etc. I just panic when I hear people talking about that. I was in a crash when I was little and have almost drowned once or twice. I feel like I’m reliving the experience when I think about it. Kinda scary...

Oh and crowds. This one is not something you can stop, but when I’m at school I come on here often because of this issue.

Religious, political, and racial topics

Please be mindful of what you say :)

Thanks to all you awesome peeps out there making life a little better for me every day :)

Shoutouts (if you want to be taken off let me know)


“my knees crack sometimes....they mnake weird noises” @meowsystem
Not 5 seconds later, also meow “it scares my cat sometimes....because its loud”

“Zoinks Scoob, the Siberian government like, totally wants to execute us” @TheAcademiaSystem

“😀 COol beAns” @JennyINFP

System Shoutouts (they are so awesome they get their own section)

Awesome Listener Peeps-
@ maddyyythbhaddie
@kieran000 -the aunt eater that is going to franch


I love you all ❤️😊❤️


Thanks for reading, Stalker <3 I'm kidding, your great (: <3 <3 <3

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