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I am a 19 y/o Psychology student and my main objective of volunteering on this platform is to promote emotional and mental well-being via active listening, sharing my personal experiences when required, and by applying the theoretical knowledge that I hold on mental illness and abnormal disorders.


I feel laughter and acts of kindness have the potential to brighten anyone’s day. So let’s pervade kindness, laugh limitlessly and make others laugh too. Feel free to approach me if you need someone to talk to!


Please acquaint yourself to a few disclaimers before reaching out:


1- I am NOT comfortable taking chats on sexual health and LGBTQ+, and currently I am NOT attending chats pertaining to relationship stress and breakups. 


Refrain from sending personal requests on these issues!


2- The members who show any profanity or vulgarity during a chat, would be immediately reported and blocked! Be mindful of how you speak to a listener.


3- If you have read the introduction, you need to send the unicorn emoji '🦄' before the chat.


Members are always welcome to write reviews for me if they find the chat helpful. I am open to constructive feedback : )



Number of Ratings: 148
Number of Reviews: 116
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Feb 21, 2021
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 688
Cheers 140,880
People Helped 474
Chats 1,968
Group Support Chats 1
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Forum Posts 3
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Feedback & Reviews
Super awesome listener
great, just great. very helpful
Good listener and validated
Smart, helpful and cheerful listener... One of the best listeners on 7 cups .
A very great listener and a friendly person. Had an amazing chat!
Very warm and comfortable to talk with. Hope to talk to him/her again in the near future
Emanated warmth, compassion and empathy in the way she conversed, very grateful to have chatted with you minion. Stay blessed and happy always😇
Great conversationalist! Keep up the noble work, wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.
Glad to have met you here.. you make me forget all my pain.. I am grateful for you🧡
Analyses situation with a great deal of maturity! It’s surprising how wonderfully he/she listened to my issues and presented his/her perspective in an unbiased fashion! Def recommend connecting😇
Laughingminions is equipped with the necessary attributes which make her one of the amazing listeners here!! I definitely recommend connecting. Thank you for signing up for active listening.
Girl with a golden heart! Beautiful soul🌸
Very humorous! Gal with funny bones for sure haha..😜 you make a good company
Genuinely helpful, and practical for a topic that is difficult to distinguish certainty. Something I noticed was that he took a moment to actually compose a response. He brings meaning to the phrase "think before you speak". And adds to its value.
Awwww love this listener!♥️🥺🥺🥺🥺 Thanks for existing
she asks good questions, I really appreciate it
Very Charismatic and full of life.
Amazingggggg 👂
well, at least i have someone to talk to.
Great listener and very supportive
Yo minion, You were open minded, tranquil, and an absolute pleasure to chat with. You were very prompt with replying and were a great support to me. I could unfold my insecurities and you giving me a perspective(which I had asked for) on limiting beliefs deeply rooted in the patriarchal society was very thought provoking. Thank you so much for listening to me and I want to chat with you again🙈💕
He/she is the purest Human being I have interacted with here! such a GEM💗!! Her way of presenting a perspective is so warm and kind. Thank you so much for chatting with me, I felt like you totally got where I was coming from!! The spiritual saying that you shared with me," if you don't heal yourself, you'll bleed on people who didn't cut you, has a very profound meaning attached to it and I am very impressed by your darn interpretation of spirituality!! its great to have crossed paths with you on this app! 💃Bless your beautiful soul.💗💗💗💗
I have no idea how some people can listen to so many problems and be alright at the end! People like you are real heroes! I will always remember your pizza topping analogy!! I really liked talking to you, you indeed helped me see positive things in the darkest of situations!!
Laughing minions is a very articulate and an emotionally supportive listener! He/she took care of me and was there for me when I had an anxiety attack. The positivity and the warmth that she radiated during such a crucial situation, has moved me deeply. She is very caring and a compassionate listener, and is definitely skilled to deal with individuals who grapple with GAD, and Panic disorders. Wishing you all the best, I hope you achieve all the futuristic goals successfully and become an amazing Clinical psychologist. Looking forward to the ensuing chats with you! 💝💛💚💜
Understanding listener
Best listener ever
Empathetic , active listening
Cheerful and with one of the most top listeners🦄
Great listener very caring and empathetic
Very kind and patience. Nevertheless, she is a good listener.
Thanks a lot for the help, he/she helped me to overcome my problem with ease. He/she was very helpful and provided quick resolution. Thanks a lot.
Awesome companion to share with
Good to talk to! Very friendly and open to conversations :) Still have more room for improvement in coaxing out concerns
Laughingminions managed to instantly lift my mood :) would recommend 5/5
Awesome listener, Very well informed, thoughtful, patient and determinate listener. Thanks for helping, you are the best. :)
One very well listener, helps alot!
Awesome experience.
Patient , attentive and a pleasure to chat with .
Great person, very good listener, most importantly this person gave me confidence
Really great listener and helped a lot!!
Good listener. Listened to me when I hadn't had anybody to talk to.. made me feel better also.
The listener was kind, compassionate, patient, and empathetic. The listener pointed the obvious but sometimes that is just what you need.
Really helped me a lot
Loved it! Awesome listener!
Very understanding and helped me a lot. I was able to express how I felt in that moment and they were very patient.
Really compassionate and helpful.
Said: "I can understand the assignments are tough, but when the thought of procrastination or demotivation arises, you must ask yourself: Are these feelings worth playing with my future?". These words were so powerful that I got up and wrote them on a blank piece of paper and hanged them up on my room door. They are not. We are weak, we are low, but we fight for our dreams and our future and we will win the battle. Thank you so much for being so amazing
She's a very cute listener, honestly. Mature outlook but a very sweet, and gentle vibe around her. I felt so relaxed after the chat. Thank you!
What a great Listener! He/She checked in on me after a couple of days, which was really nice. :)
She was there when i needed her most
They were a great listener
great listener , very friendly and helpful
Good listener keep up the good work!!
Sometimes you just need that really good girl talk that lifts your spirits, makes you laugh and helps you re-direct your broken/confused heart. Such a good chat. What I needed to redirect, feel a little more peace and feel more empowered to make my next step after thinking it through emotionally/thoughtfully. Thank you!!
I really loved talking to laughingminious! This person is a great listener
Very kind, patient and calm.
Kind, compassionate, & supportive
Thank u for your support very nice conversation
Really helping so far
Awesome listener. She was so patient and friendly.
Amazing Listener definitely recommend
wonderful listener :')
Love chatting. Such a good listener.
This listener was extremely empathetic and kind. Made me feel validated and like I was important. Thank you for all of your time and you really made me feel better.
Helpful and kind
Really nice conversation
She is so friendly and encoraging.
Very friendly and funny.
compassionate understanding and listened with empathy
Very attentive and replies promptly
Very kind and listened to me patiently all that I wanted to let out. Was a great help.
really great listener!
Good listener who took in consideration what I was going through and gave me some really helpful tips on how to tackle the problem. A good mate!
Helped me a lot Feel a little better
What an unbelievably good listener! She listened to me for quite a long time - with absolute patience. She was like a much-needed friend. She was also always very quick with her responses and made me feel valuable. Thank you!
You're amazing! I really liked you! Both as a listener and as a person!
best listener 💓🤗😘😍😍😍
Really a very good listener
Lovely and kind!
She is very nice and listens well. Cares about you
Wonderful person! Takes time to listen and understand what you have to say. I could not have asked for a better listener!
She is such an angel that she knows exactly how to mend a broken heart. This site has been blessed with such an amazing listener and an empathetic soul like laughingminions.
So very far it has been a good chat.
Awesome listener, listened to what I had to say, didn't interrupt at all. So wise and so caring. Thanks a lot. Helped me calm down a lot
Friendly Listener. It was great having a conversation with you. Thanks! for giving your time : )
She is a good listner with patience and understandable. She helped a lot for me
Such an awesome listener. Very patient. Observes the situation completely and intelligently. A safe space to share everything. and such a nice friend.
Wonderful listener
very very helpful, great listener. giving me some motivation and help me to think clearly about my problem. thank you so much, minion.
very kind and understanding. made me feel a lot better about my situation and made me feel understood! great to know there r people out there who care:)
Great listener. Helped me talk about my problems
This listener is so positive and supportive and gives the time to allow me say all my feelings
She is understanding , non judgemental , and very friendly. A safe space to share anything u are going through. God bless her.
She's a superb listener. It feels really warm talking to her.. like she's an old friend. Is very attentive and very understanding.
Proactive listener :)
Great and kind listener
Awesome listener, kind and listens patiently!
Very helpful and gentle.
She helped me get through things.
Super helpful !!
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