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musicalnote1982 |
Listener - Virtuoso 10

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4.5 star rating

Hi! I'm glad and honoured that you have found my profile, I am a trained listener for 7cupsoftea and I would be more than willing to talk about any problems that you may have. As like most listeners on this site, I have had my share of experiences and life lessons to hopefully help you someway. It is in my nature to help anyone, the qualities for a listener are....listening (obviously), patience and hopefully helping you with a resolution that might help you to solve in some way, shape or form, thank you for reading this.


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Listener Since Jun 21, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
Friendly helpful listener
Awesome listener. Helps you to be calm and handle the situation yourself
Great listener!
Thank you for being someone to talk to
Helpful and generous
Loved loved loved this listener. thank you so much
he / she is good, i feel relieved and it helped me calm my anxiety
great listener
very nice, understanding and affable. Shared some of his life experiences which encouraged me a lot. Thank you, musicalno.... You are amazing!
Helpful chat, kind and supportive person, they listen to you.
they were so kind :)
This person was very patient and thoughtful. If you see this, thank you again.
kind and wise, thank you
Good listener good listener
Awesome one really
Nice listener. Helped me to clear my view point.
Great listener.
thank you so much! i appreciate u a lot and as i said you're the best listener I've talked to
Really listened and had a lot of understanding. Thank you
A listener that will not judge you and will try to listen thoroughly before giving point of view.
Had the real sense of care, and tried to get to the bottom of it, included humor which just made talking so much easier.
Supportive, kind and patient.
Very helpful and listened and responded to everything I had concerns about even though I tend to ramble.
Really a great listener, made me feel better. Very optimistic, experienced and understanding.
Very patient and empathetic.
Great listener. Listening with patience. Not judgmental.
Patient, and non judgment mental. Thank you
Really lovely listener, asked the right questions, gave some insight and most of all, helped me get some clarity for my mind
What a kind soul! Thoughtful, caring and so kind. Thank you x
Cheerful and helpful person
Really nice chat!
Good listening and understanding!
Great listener, helped just the way they should, didnt make it about them, whole heartedly recommended for SURE!
Very good and is very helpful
Thanks for listening! AWESOME!
Very understanding and helpful
Great listener 😀
Good to talk to
she's sweet, tried helping and gave some good tips
Thank you, you helped me!
great talker!!
Good connection and vibes! Really helpful. Thanks, pal.
Cool guy with a refreshing perspective. Easy to speak to and relatable.
Cool guy with a refreshing perspective. Helped me feel a little better with my anxiety.
A very kind and spunky individual. thank you!
fabulous, they really listened
Great Listener!
Very very helpful
Kind and helpful individual. Will make you feel heard.
Very helpful, thank you.
Good job buddy
thanks for helping
helped me get rid of my procrastination and anxiety and put me back on a path of productivity. Thank you listener for being there! :)
Totally related to the problem I was having which was great. Also appreciated the fact that while there was definitely professionalism, humor was added which added on to helping me feel better along with the great advice and observations that were given!
Good listener, would chat with this person again. Thanks for being there.
Thank u as this was my first time on a site like this
An amazing listener who understands everything so well.
Listens very well and gives amazing advice
Thanks for your time:)
Musicalnote182 has been abolutley amazing and helped me so much today. even though it was a breif and short convo. I still heard what i needed to hear.

Thank you ever so much,

Amazing listener!
Thank you for being here.
I am very comfortable with her talking about myself and my problem because she really understand me. thank you so much!
I have social anxiety and depression, and I talked with her about how it had affected me. She was great. Empathic, sensible, objective and she gave me hope. An inspirational person honestly
Humorous and empathetic. You are who I needed when I did need who I needed
It was awesome talking with you
Nice listener!
The best! Down to earth, listens well and gives great advice!
simply awesome...a newfound friend
Seemed to be knowledgeable about my issue and had very good advice.
Really helped me see things for what they are. Helpful links and great attitude, really understood me!
Made me smile
She is an excellent listener, also has a very methological way of dealing with people's problems ..,she is really great and doing an awesome job!☺☺☺
awesome listener :)
this listener helped me a great deal, i can not thank them enough!
the force is strong within this one
It was my first time using the website and I felt at ease after talking to musicalnote1982. My anxiety went down and I plan on speaking to them in the future. Thank you again.
Was only a quick chat but the listener was very quick to respond and gave me a idea to try help next time i have a panic attack thank you very much.
Sweet, Kind, Compassionate.
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