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I like playing video games, guitar, piano and help people :)
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This human being is one of the most healing and compassionate people I've ever connected with in this community. He so profoundly offers the exact comforts I need, to heal, and he encourages my truth and humanity with confidence and acceptance. He is an exemplar of the wisdom, power, and courage we all need in our lives, to be our best selves and to live with self-love and love for those who love us. He is funny, deeply intelligent, and beautifully musical. He models compassion for others by building a truly nurturing communication space during our talks, and I feel as if he cares so much that he is right there in the same room with me. Even during slight miscommunication or disagreement, he has created open communication to truly hear each other's points, without any shame. This form of caring is pure gold. I am so blessed to have found him, to be healing through his warmth, and to be able to provide comfort and encouragement for the pieces of his own experiences that he has shared. This is a truly beautiful human being and someone who should be given complete commendations for truly enacting the healing process of this community. One of the most powerful reviews I've ever written, must be given, to honor how genuinely safe, loving, and human he is.
Very attentive, passionate and he can relate to the situation well. Definitely brighten my day a lot! Thanks
lives up to his username
He’s a nice kid.
I am so lucky to have found someone who could relate to my very strange problem in life, it was like destiny?!?!
Very friendly and welcoming.
unfortunately my issue was not resolvable by anyone at this time, but they were helpful and polite nonetheless
Felt like I just made a friend, so easy to talk too
Compassionate listener
Select this person!! Helped a lot
had a nice and light-hearted chat, it was helpful
Really nice to talk to!
nice person, listens well
super attentive!
Tries to help as much as he can
nice listener, good to talk to him
very sweet and attentive
Good listener awesome sauce
Similar mindset & very quick to reply once he gets pace.
Pretty nice guy, helped me learn to not focus to much on my sexuality
Thankful for the help
Good listener. So friendly. He makes me feel comfortable to talk with him ^^
Very kind and helpful!
Kind, honest and helpful. I would recommend. ^^
good helpful and nice
The nicest kid for sure.
He knows what he is talking about and he is so nice and caring
Very good listener, please respect him
Really kind and took concern with my issue. Thanks!
The first person I have ever been able to be 100% honest with. Deepest thanks
he is very nice
Honestly, this person helped me clear my mind. Just talking to you helped me find some peace and understand what I'm feeling.
Great advice, felt free talking to them.
One of the best listeners I have had a chance to talk to. Very supportive and helpful. Made my day better. :)
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