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Everyone has to start somewhere.

Hello! I'm glad you found me. I'm an upbeat, passionate, talkative and giddy person who always enjoys a good laugh. I absolutely love to talk to others, and to be able to print a smile on people's faces always makes my day. Despite my energetic personality, I'm also someone who is very adaptable when it comes to all types of people. I listen with the intent to understand, and I take every topic and problem very seriously. This also means that I expect every person I talk to will treat me with the equal ammount of respect, so we both get the most out of our coversation! I am welcoming every kind of person there is with open arms*, as well as both long-term and short-term connections with me. If you just want a casual chat or are looking for something more serious (or perhaps a little bit of both), I'm here when no one else is.

I will be more than happy to hear from you, and I am certain that whatever is at sake, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We just gotta find it first, and I will be your ultimate sidekick on that adventure!

About me

I'm someone with a lot of interests! Including: writing, photography/filming, animals (all animals, fish and reptiles included), music (despite being an allrounder, movie/video game music is my ultimate jam!), video games, science (biology; the science of life!), and a lot more! If you get me talking about any of these topics, I promise you a lot of geeking out, cringy jokes, and perhaps a good laugh out of it. Who knows?

I've dealt with, and am currently dealing with chronic pain. I'm very familiar with how it is to be mocked for who you are and how you look, thus making you quesiton yourself, and I know how it is to feel like you're not getting anywhere in life, no matter what it is regarding; social stuff, school or work, as well as question if you made the right choices. I'm also working on a healthier lifestyle. If any of these hit home to you, I'm more than happy to discuss it!

My roles here on 7 Cups

Quality Mentor
I am a mentor who can coach and help new and old listeners with improving their skills, as well as to learn and grow!

Verified Listener
A listener who has sucessfully passed a mock chat, and is a listener of quality.

Project Agent: Verifying Team/Verifying Buddy
I am a Project Agent and I am verifying other listeners as a part of the Verifying Team. If you want to be Verified, you can reach out to me!

Global Group Moderator
I'm currently focusing on moderating the group rooms for Mindfulness, Healthy Living and the Student Support sub communities! Though I am everywhere!

Peer Supporter/Peer Support Buddy
I support my fellow peers (listeners) after a difficult chat with a member/guest. Reach out to me if you need to talk. I'm here.

Safety Patrol Team
I help keep 7 Cups a safe environment by flagging inapropriate profiles.

Welcome Team
I welcome new members of 7 Cups with open arms!


Online I am availible to talk, and will accept requests and take on general chats. Message me and I respond almost immediately!

Busy I am online and can talk to some extent, yet my responses might be slower. Feel free to reach out!

Offline I am not able to talk. You can send me a message and I will respond as soon as I can!

Info for Listeners

You are also more than welcome to reach out to me and ask me about anything about the site, about technical stuff, and about listening (as well as a casual chat). However, if you want to talk about personal issues, I highly recommend you to use a member/guest account.That way, you will get to use the rating system, and the conversaiton will be a lot more genuine, instead of a casual listener-to-listener chat. This is also because of confidentiality reasons. 

*Disclaimers: I do not take chats with topics related to men's and women's issues. Have a look in the list below in regards to the topics I can relate to the most.
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Feedback & Reviews
Really just listens. Less of a talker, enjoyable experience.
She is a good listener who lets me process the feelings I had over losing a friendship and let me kept talking, even though I was mostly detangling my mess in my head in a lost and confused way, Thank you for your time and assistance!
Great! she really listened
You are a wonderful soul and it was very lovely to talk to you. Our conversation was full of compassion and respect. I hope your help will extend to others in need.
Kind and helpful
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Very understanding & supportive
He/she is understanding and nice.
Fab listener and really understood
A person in a good mood to chat with me.
Great advice. Very understanding and encouraging
Thanks very much for listening to me. She helped support me with my worries and concerns.
She was very nice, in fact one of the sweetest listeners I spoke with so far! Hopefully I'll have the chance to speak with her again c:
I Ray of light through my dark clouds
Thank you
Very nice and understanding
lovely lovely human!
Great chat, good fun!
Good listenner. :)
Very understanding. Thank you.
He was supportive
So kind
supportive, kind, mature, understanding, friendly chat , i do again andagain
Lovely and helpful person with good stories.
super friendly, kind, open minded and amazing 5/5
Very understanding and caring. Also very intelligent and aware. Able to make you feel at ease and gives you space to express yourself.
Best listener I've had so far.
Amazing listener
Really rational person. That helps. Doesn't talk out of pity at all!
Lovely person very great listener
Thank you
Thank you for the help, very patient, helped me see the situation from a perspective or positives and negatives in order to help me make my own choice.
very friendly
excellent thanks
A lovely and caring person
very helpful person thank you
She is very nice.
Brilliant listener is also especially pleasant thanks
Totally excellent listener.. Takes time to lesson and is pleasant thanks
The woman is effective.
Very understanding
Thank you for your patience
She is funny
they are truly the best listener i have ever encountered. amazing.
I am thankful for this listener.
A very nice and understanding person to talk to, who is willing to continue working with me on my issues! I do reccomend!
they were absolutely amazing!!!!♡
they are amazing....thank you so much
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