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saying hey first is a tough thing to do for me because I am not good with intiations but i still like connecting with people , getting to know their stories and their lives. 

I try to accept myself especially the things that I cannot change or improve I wanna do a lot of things but I have much fear 

i dont go to chatrooms much,  but you will find me much in the LGBTQ+ room , and sometimes the disability room. 
I very much accept people who are bored and wanna talk about cats sleeping with their tongue outside their mouths 


Some  of the things outside my comfort zone  : 


New places   

People .especially forigners (  but i still like knowing good people , i am just unable to reply well or deal well with them in real life.  I find a huge clash between me and people from other countries thats why getting to know them here helped me realize we are all humans eventually.)



shopping for clothes 

I try to be a better person and help people I think dealing with a lot of people and having an imapct on their lives is important just as letting them leave their own Mark on my life 

My interests : 

Voluntary work



Documentary films 

NOTE : I am also available for long term support if someone needs further  support 

NO Asking for another platform or another site for communication please 

In the memory of jason diamond 

Number of Ratings: 187
Number of Reviews: 113
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Languages English, Arabic
Listener Since Sep 11, 2017
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Feedback & Reviews
Very good listener.
Lovelyy person . Sweet .and taught me arabic haha⚘
Lovely Listener, really took the time to listen. Thank you!
wonderful listener!
Very kind and polite man
Helped me think through my problem
Very good listener.The close friend we re all looking for.I highly recommend!!
She is an amazing human being I enjoyed speaking to her. Thank you so much for your time 🙏
Was helpful and informative but would prefer it kept on subject but helped sort out stuff
Responded immediately
This person was very supportive and caring.
This. Was good chat
they were really great at putting my experience into context and helping me think through things.
Helping me a lot
They were nice, we had a friendly chat
This listener is really compassionate
did their job. Listened. I appreciated it more than they will know❤️
Good listener thanks!
Awesome! ❤❤❤ I already feel better.
They seem like a genuinely nice person.
Great listener and great person
This person listened and help me get through alot
My best friend i have ever had online ever
she was kind and very helpful.
Great listener really, positive and willing to help
really made me feel safe to open up
She’s very nice and consistent. Very good person to talk to.
shes good at listening, and she gives great advice..good for friend issues :)
Kind and also very reasonable. Does not turn anyone down.
Very nice to talk to! Highly recommend
very understanding
encouraging and supportive, thank you
Loved it! Awesome chat!
It's nice having someone to talk to
They were really helpful.
She was awesome and gives great advice and she’s really nice and helpy
Great at listening.
I really appreciate the help and advice
Love the chat Felling better than before
softParadise20 is a great listener. She didn't try to give me any advice on how to live my life and just listened to what I had to say.
i liked that the listener gave me time to vent about my problem
So sweet ❤❤❤
I loved how this person helped me with my problems and motivate me to work on it. Now I'm feeling better
Actually responds faster than most other listeners
Menna is a really good listener and she knows how to keep a good conversation.
Very friendly and welcoming, great to talk to for my first listener
They are very kindly and my chat was very reassuring I do not feel judged at all thank you💕
They were really nice and helpful.
Its good I like this app
Really helpful person
Very patient, kind and understanding! 🖤
Menna is the sweetest, as a listener you need the skill to listen and understand and show the person that you understand them. She has it all. She also knows how to quickly crack a smile on your distressed face. Loved it. Helped me open up
Loved it! Very kind and thoughtful.
They were really nice and considerate :)
Very nice and patient. Good for lesbian and bi.
Loved talking to them
Great listener,understanding,sympathetic,helpful.
Very nice! They are good and amazing, recommend!
She was really supportive and helpful, she made me feel much better
They are amazing. Helped me a lot.
Best and most caring person I’ve talked to
Amazing listener, keep on going cos ur doing the right thing xx
Such an amazing person, thank you so much for listening and encouraging me to do better :)
She really help me with my problem she is a good person thank you.
Softparadiese20 was amazing .Really helpful ,and kind.Let me type away for as long as i wanted.
They are very nice and supportive. They offered me great advice and made me feel like my problems and feelings were valid.
Helped me a lot with a really difficult and confusing moment of my life. Thanks
she/he is seems really nice. I'm glad I can talk to someone after such a long time
They are very supportive and quite honestly, amazing at helping.
They helped with issues most people couldn’t even begin to try to understand
amazing kind person helped me alot
Good help
Great tips
This was an amazing chat
helpful responses.
Helped me a lot. i feel motivated unlike back then.
The listener was very good and friendly i love the way of answering my questions
Thank you @softparadise20
Good talk, thanks. Helped me a lot
Was really great and was very kind
Thank you for being so nice. Im grateful i could find a lisener like you
thanks :)
Shes great :)
This listener is one of the best out there. She made me feel so loved, made me smile, made me laugh and just made me feel like I could get through this. It means so much to me. Thank you so much. I recommend this listener to anyone absolutely flawless go and speak to her :-)
A brilliant lisener, i really recommend her
They are good at listening...And understandful
Pretty good
I really appreciate this listener, helped me through one of the hard times in my life, when I was confused and didn't have any idea about what to do next, thanks a lot
Amazing listner!
He/she is good
You are really nice and good listener.
Thx u for the motivation lines listener aka Meena🙆🙆
A truly amazing listener. I highly recommend them!
I haven't had her for long but she's really nice and easy to talk too. I haven't told anyone about this but it's so easy with her around. I think you should he lucky if you get her😊
It was really good
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