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softSummer2005 |
Listener - Exemplar 1

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5.0 star rating
 currently unavailable      I'll be off for sometime..self care break XD. 
"Hush little baby ,don't you cry . Don't cut ur arms ,don't say goodbye.put down that razor ,put down that knife. It maybe hard but I'll win this fight."
-Suicide, baby, it's the worst
Think about the people that you'll hurt

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Feedback & Reviews
Nice listener! She helped and supported me.
sweet listener.
she is a great listener
they were very caring and encouraging *hugss*
Good listener.
very good listener
Good listener, gave me really helpful tips!!
Was very open minded and reassuring.
Very kind and supportive of venting! I spoke to her for a quick vent when i was feeling stressed
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Very nice and listens.
soo helpful and kind, she's the best
She is a good listener. Active listener. Won't left while talking. She knows everything. She understands everything. She will comfort us. She will respond to us. She is a very good listener.
Really nice 👍
Niceeeee personnnn and I just enjoyed to talk
She is an amazing person im alive cuz of her she is a good listener and a best frnd too
I felt nice sharing my experience..thank you
It was helpful
A great Listener!
patient and kind
This person is super awesome. love
Amazing person made my day
This person was able to sit and listen while I was able to say everything I’ve kept in for so long while also reminding me that I got this!
A good listener hope you're doing ok always:)
really amazing person !!
Shes an awesome listener really good!
Patient, has a good way with words, and was overly the best person ive talked to so far on this app :)
Good listener.
Chill and good to just say stuff too
Soft, you are just amazing!!!! Honestly, I mean it from the bottom of my heart! I don't know if you ever realised it..but have the exceptional quality of making the opposite person soooo comfortable.. your messages.. your replies..and especially your vibes..they are just soooo friendly!! Anddd... i must say...u have been making the best use if these qualities that you have by helping sooo many people in their worst of times.. Just know you are awesomeeeeee... Surely u deserve lots and lots of blessings and love... Lastly..Thanks a lotttt for being what you are!!!!
They are friendly, nice chat!
She’s listening to problems and asking questions.
Summer is soo friendly. She’s always there for you no matter who you are.😃
She's very patient and positive vibed, loved her!
She's the greatest soul, after so many years I've found a person who can really be called a 'human', she's just great, great
Great listener! She listened to me when I was panicked. And helped me.
very nice listener
cool listener and listen nicly
Very awesome listener
Very good listener, I have enjoyed our interaction. Has given me some much needed perspective. Many thanks.
Very calm and patient.
I liked it, helpful chat. very helpful.
pretty good listener :)
understanding and listens to everything i say, i like them
so kind and understanding felt comfortable talking to them
They are too sweet! We had an amazing chat!
very sweet person!
She is just amazing...very friendly..within a few minutes of our conversation it felt like I was talking with a very close friend of mine.. I don't have enough words to describe but will just say that if u are someone who is lonely and seeking for a friend or something to open up, then she is the perfect listener for u..💜
very sweet listener
they are very sweet and kind
Shes actually good and shes really help a lot of struggling personn ❤️
They are really sweet :)
Very nice ty for listening to me ❤️
A cool listener to be honest.
Shes nice. Good person
helpful very nice
understanding, nice
thankyou for spending your precious time to chat with me!
Very kind and sweet does not judge at all listens to you extremely well I would totaly reccomend
shes understanding
She is very kind and extremely friendly
an absolutely beautiful soul. non judgemental, made me feel safe, loved and supported
Where do I start?! Amazing listener, so kind, so caring and with a much needed funny side :) Cheered me up massively, listened so carefully to everything and anything :) I felt able to say things I have kept quiet until now and feel better for doing so. So grateful, thank you Summer :)
She's literly the best listener ever 10/10
Excellent she is so sweet and kind
she’s really sweet and friendly, very positive
nice fun personalty and seems really nice
Supportive and nice
An amazing listener
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Willing to talk about anything, she was genuinely interested in the conversation. Amazing listener!
This listener is one of the best I've found! Summer listened to me and has a way of speaking which makes one feel safe.. they carefully read through what I had to say and provided their opinion, which is exactly what I wanted! They also respond quick which is such an important trait for a listener! I'm so grateful to have found summer..thank you soo much 🧡
Very involved and asks a lot of questions. Very helpful
She’s amazing she makes me feel like her friend and accept my feelings
She is kind and humble she understands everyone well and provides good motivation
Cool...I am loving with her
Amazing listener
she was really good, she gave me simple examples
loved my duck jokes
Understanding and sweet
Very sweet !!
Amazing listener
i loved it amazing easy to talk to
Was very funny helped me take my mind off of life even if it was only for a little
Kind and understanding
Great listener:))
They was very helpful and caring. It made me feel better.
Extremely kind honestly one of the best people I’ve ever met -D
Thanks , helped a lot I feel good now , thankyou very much
this girl is a angle she made me happy under like 10 and shes really kind sweet and more.
Had a good conversation
i love them they help
Really caring and helpful
Great listener!!!
Best listener I have ever seen till date
She is amazing! Where do I start? She is caring and she doesn't only listen to your problem, she understands it. She is so kind and nice, I always feel great after talking to her! She has got a beautiful heart, thanks!! 💖
The songs gave me tranquility. It was nice.
She really strives to make me feel better and always sends me nice links to songs to cheer me up and stuff and checks on me often, I really like her ^ ^
it’s comforting to know that someone understands
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