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Hello my friends, family and community. I would like to start off by saying no one is perfect in this imperfect world, I have had to learn that. I myself have had the many struggles of the world today by experience or from close encounters. And with that being said, we could all use a hug every now and then and always a listening ear. Not only do I work in the Healthcare field, dedicating my time to help those that are really sick, I help my family, friends, neighbors, and stranger's in anyway I can. I am not one to judge nor do I want to be judged. One thing for sure is that I do love life and life itself can be a hard pill to swallow, why because there is no open book to this test. So why not learn from one another or help one another along the way. I promise it want be easy but we can get through it. Please feel free to vent , share, open up emotions, or heal and close emotions with me.

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