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Hi I'm brian welcome to 7 cups thank you for visiting my profile. I've been a listener on here now for over 3 years thanks to a certain listener who helped me through some bad times and encouraged me to become one. If you need relationship advice or are going through a break up you can talk to me. I also know what it feels like to be anxious so feel free to talk to me about any anxiety fears you are going through looking forward to hearing from you.(continua sempre a sorridere) 
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Feedback & Reviews
Really helped me relax when I was anxious!
They are very fast at responding
Great Listener! Thank you
He gave me some good advice.
Nice to chat with
A real awsome man who knows exactly what to say and when to say to make u feel better. Has helped me in one of the toughest times!
Honestly he’s so helpful
Great listener very friendly
Brian is a nice guy, thoughtful, caring, stays engaged in the conversation and responds respectfully quick. Can’t go wrong with this listener!
Patient. Kind. Thank you.
Sincere n experienced listener. Good questions. Thanks a lot 😊
A funny and encouraging person! He helped me so much, was interested in not judging and understanding. Helped me say things I had no idea I thought. The best! The best
Brian is a great listener, he understands and made me feel better about myself, that I deserved to be happy. Thank you! Would love to chat with you again soon!
Helpful and good listener
Really good listener
Good listener! I felt supported
Great listener! Kind and understanding!
Great listener.
Excellent listener.
Really helpful chat , listened while i unloaded my problems . Thanks x
Very helpful and a great listener
He is a great listener.
He was an amazing listener and asked the right questions.
Very nice and listening well
Very good listener.
Helpfull at listening and giving advice
He is a very good empathetic listener
thoughtfulFriend68 is a very thoughtful, positive, encouraging listener. He helped me feel more confident and capable. He also helped me to be easier on myself and not give in to my insecurities.
He is a very good listener and provides simple feedback which can provide hope.
very thoughtful answers!
I’ve been paying $260 a month for online counseling and my counselor hasn’t even responded to me in the last few days. Brian helped me out so much more for free in about 2 hours than I received from my counselor I’m paying for. Cancelling that service now
so far so good, he really listens, and offers useful advice
Thank you, very calm and kind. I feel so much more at ease.
Great listener. Thank you
Very quick to respond. Good listener.
Very helpful and kind.
Brian is lovely and laid back. He keeps conversations flowing even when I was feeling anxious. He seems to have a genuine interest in what I have to say and always knows how to reply.
Thank you for making me smile :)
Provided a little bit of a blokes perspective. It helped just to chat.
Very thoughtful and not judgemental.
Lovely xx
Such a kind sweet listener. Thank you.
thoughtfulFriend68 is a really nice listener
Really appreciate his help
sweet guy
he knows how to listen
It’s nice to just know someone is ready to listen
Very good
Very kind and supportive. I feel very safe sharing with him. Excellent listener!
I think he is genuinely caring and wants the best for me.
amazing :)
Nice guy! First listener I have spoken to on this app and he really cared! :)
He was such a great listener! Gave me some great food for thought. Calmed me down a lot
A great listener, really nice to talk to
They just let me vent until I got it all out and helped me see new perspectives, really appreciate you!
Lovely, attentive, honest and non judgemental 😊
helpful :)
Very kind and lovely person , thanks a lot and all the best
Very easy to chat with and open up to.
Best listener I ever found here ☕️
Really helpful listener . Lots of empathy and good advice .
Very helpful and empathetic
Super good!!!
Great listener!
good job..
Thanks for the help
thank you :)
Lovely warm easy chat thank you.
Thank you:)
Very helpful chat, thankyou!
thank u brian
A great listener and kind person. Thank you :)
Thank you for your patience and kindness
Compassionate listener.
Very good listener. Made me feel comfortable and better
He was helpful in reassuring me. I was very thankful for his advice!
Very sweet and helped me a lot!
fine person to talk
Thank you so much for being a patient listener and making me feel supported and understood
Thoughtful and nice
Really great help and easy to talk to
What a great listener! So kind and genuine. Thank you. You were 'sound' lol
Thank you so much for everything, i truly appreciate it :).
Thanks Brian ... :)
A really good listener .. our conversation really helped
What a nice person Brian is.
He was really helpful, understanding and kind. Would definitely recommend him to others having a hard time with your thoughts.
Thank you for listening to be, i really felt heard and supported!
he is so amazing and actually tried his best to help me out ! i am so thankful for his help.. i recommend u guys talk to him :)
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