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Feedback & Reviews
helpful and good listener
An incredibly insightful individual.
Fast replies! Good feedback!
good listener actually made me feel at ease thank you
Great listener, very easy to talk to, non judgemental, and good with talking about anxiety.
A good listening ear
Cảm ơn đã lắng nghe và trò chuyện với em
I felt more relaxed after the conversation and its like my thoughts were more organised im happy I had this conversation it was enligh
super chill dude
Great listener! Asks the right questions, and makes you feel like you are not alone when it feels like so.
Very kind and understanding
tomorrow102 is.... a GENUINE helper/listener so if anyone really needs compassion, it is HERE! tomorrow is also sooo smart even little nuances in the conversation can be heard, picked up and understood. Cant thank you enough guys, 7 Cups and tomorrow102...thank you !
Good listener and guy!
Tomorrow102 is a great listener. There was no judgement or rushed advices. I genuinely appreciated the conversation and would definetly chat with them often!
Great listener, is very patient and takes their time.
A great listener. Helped me think through things
Does a great job listening and engaging the conversation!
Nice person, good listener
Nice, patient, and understanding !
You are an amazing and a patient listener. Must say very matured and smartly answers to my questions. Its great talking to him and i feel extremely sharing my experiences with him.
Cannot give more that 5 stars to this smart intellectual person. He helped me organize my thoughts and analyze the situation I was passing through, and validate my emotions.
I read his review n saw good write up so chatted. Very helpful person
Such a knowledgeable person it was great talking.
Coolest in 7cups
Amazing listener
Amazing person :)
Thank you very much
Encouraging listener with great insight.
Good listener and talker
I'm just glad someone is willing to talk to me
very understanding and could relate to me
Kind, alternative and understanding.
Caring listener. Interacting nicely.
This listener was great to talk to, EXTREMELY Kind, patient and understanding, and asked all of the right questions and gave GREAT feedback to my problems!! Would TOTALLY talk to this guy again, if I ever felt like I needed to!!
good listener reccommend
Good listening and understanding!
Highly recommended!
The listener provides good answers to questions asked, great advice as well.
You are good at this!
Helpful. Thanks for the support.
Thank you very helpful
Thanks helping and a good listener
Good time relevant questions.
He was really attentive and caring. It was really helpful for me chatting with him. Thank you so much
We are in a middle of the conversation and its going pretty well
This person is very attentive and caring. And they are invested in my conversation with them.
This person was really helpful and she made me feel better
Great Ideas to cope with breakups.
Thank you so much for replying and taking the time to listen
Thinks outside the box, listens intently - curious.
great to chat with
Twas fine, good listener
Amazing person. Felt good after talking to. ❤️
Great listener! Warm person.
Asks great questions. Listens well.
Enjoyed the session. Used storying effectively to help me work through my feelings at this time.
Just asks a lot of questions about situations and how you would deal with it but they make you think for yourself and it becomes a sense of self realisation instead of being spoon fed the answers or options which is great
they were nice and helpful
Good listener, Helpful :)
Great help with my problems
helped me be strong
Incredibly wise and gives great feedback.
Theh are great at allowing you to talk out. They are very good at listening.
He is a great listener
Patient and understanding. Grateful for being able to chat with you :)
I've never really had someone ask me how I truly felt or what my childhood was like, it was great being able to actually talk to someone! Amazing listener!
Great amazing listener
This was a really a helpful chat He had good advice but recognized the complexity of difficult situations. It is important to be realistic and use caution and self-care in these tough cases.
She or he was very helpful thank you for your advice :3
great listener
Lovely person who really listens and has a genuine desire to help.
They were very nice and patient with me. Thanks for the talk.
great listener and feed back! Thank you for your time!
Very supportive, nice to talk to
Very good listener
They were nice. Seemed a little overwhelmed with my story- but still stuck around to try to help
helpful guy , keep going
Definitely a great listener and helped me see things more clearer. Highly recommended. Keep it up and keep doing what you're doing. Thank you
Good listening skills
This person was one of the most helpful I ever met on this website. Tom truly listens to people and offers wisdom. Now, I am going to go out there and be the best person I can be.
responded fast
Thank you
amazing, just talking about my problems has already made me feel better.
Hes good
did a very good job at helping my specific problems and talking about them with me
Amazing, caring, emphatic person, very helpful and positive, also humorous and upbeat, good vibes. A very kind individual who will listen and respond well.
Very understanding
Supportive listening. Good feeback-shows he/she understood me.
Thank you so much! I started the conversation with feeling uneasy and left it being calm :) Such a state changer!
Very empathic person, we had great conversation.
Thank you for your help, I have to go !
He's soooo good. My problems were so weird but he legit listened and helped me calm down.
for a depressed person , he made me smile and that makes such a big difference to me, he is a great listener and a person to talk to
Very helpful. Very good at getting your mind redirected in a positive way.
he's good
Thank you so much for talking to me. You have no idea how you helped me. Your one of the few people who actually get it.
Really funny and helpful to talk to. Thanks a lot
he's a great funny guy who helps a lot!
Really easy to talk to. He can make you smile, I would recommend him.
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