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Listener - Marvel 10

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​​​​​Hello! My name is VIOLA and I am not a robot.
I am an active verified listener here who has completed her internship with honors.
Here is the link of my internship project

And since i know about psychology too i understand people's emotions better. According to me half of the problems of people nowadays can be solved by just a random talk with someone. I understand that no one is wrong and it is okay to have perceptions different from anyone else. Here you can talk with me freely about anything you want to. I will try to help you.



 Lets fulfil the aim of 7cups - to help being anonymous.
My favourites-
Love is one thing we are capable of perceiving that transcends time and space - Interstellar

Distance doesn't separate people, silence does.

Number of Ratings: 156
Number of Reviews: 65
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Languages English, Hindi
Listener Since Dec 23, 2017
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Feedback & Reviews
They were the best person to help me. They gave me to courage to basically fix my future and defeat anyone who was affecting my mental Health and I feel so much better having my life back to being mine!!!
Truly amazing person heart of gold helped me in my time of need
She is a good listener, and very attentive to what one has to say. I found her extremely empathetic and easy to talk to.
really helpful and kind
Very kind and understanding
Cool person to talk to
Good chat thanks for help
Person with a beautiful heart.
One Super cute person I ever got to meet after a long time ... Destiny :)
Very good listener, hope to see you rise at skies
Ranted a bit. They were very nice about it. I appreciate it, even if I'm a bit stubborn about being miserable :P
Amazing listener.
Providing a mental support to someone while you are not around them, and making someone feel comfortable with their own self is a great skill. Thankyou for being there with me. ❤️
Its a great thing to understand someone, giving your time listening to them, and caring for them.. And so viola is excellent. 😊Thankyou.
Viola is a kind, understanding and was much helpful listener. She listened to my story and did'nt judge me, she made me so confortable that i could share most the things which i have kept inside my heart.She is cheerful, professional, a good person. Thankyou viola for listening to me, i appreciate your help.
Viola is an awesome listener here, she has got all the qualities what it needs to be a good human, she is understanding, kind and cheerful too, she made me so comfortable that i vent out everything what was bothering me. She wont judge you. Its a great thing to listen to someone's story and giving your precious time and thereby giving helping tips and care. So, i am thankful to viola. God bless you. 😊
Good listener, answers really quick
seems like a great person
A truly insightful, helpful lady. She's a truly caring person.
Being humble and kind with your family and friends is lovely, but being humble, kind and patient with the unknown people who need you shows characteristics of a divine heart. Viola, as everyone knows her, has been a dedicated, tireless and a patient listener who is always curious and available to help you. Adding to that, she is honest, and simple which makes you feel comfortable to share your issues. I hope she touches many lives on this platform and in her life.
Listened and was kind with me.
So helpful
Viola05 is asking lots of questions and making me feel comfortable.
Really Supportive and Understanding. Thanks! :-)
Nice and helpful , I liked talking to you ..".Sony "
she's the cutest being ever - Casey :)
its really nice to read questions while you are writing, makes me feel interest
quick response time, a nice person overall
Motivated me to do something which I always wanted to, and she literally understood my problem and gave advice, best listener till date
A truly empathetic listener. Very helpful.
Just one word Awesome
Thank you so much for all your time and patience. Very helpful and kind listener :)
5 stars, really helped me :)
She's good to talk to. She made me feel comfortable. Thanks buddy!
Great listener.
She is a really nice person to talk to. I kind of connected with her and she consoled me in a vsry subtle way. I think I am going to be friends with her now!
Genuine listener
very caring and supportive
She is really sweet! eases the pain out, talked with a lot of professionalism. And, the response time was real quick! It was great talking to you! ^_^ Keep spreading smiles :)
An amazing, empathetic listener. Thank-you.
Very good listner
Thank you.
They were kind, did their job and listened exactly like I wanted. If you have something to get off your chest this person is great. Thank you.
She cares and makes it easy to open up
She was a really good listener. It helped to take a few things off my chest. She said one particular thing that really hit home - to not become like the person I had issues with - that really resonated with me. Thanks so much Viola05!
She is cool
A caring listener. Insightful and thoughtful.
Was very logical and reminded me of nice things you tend to forget when you feel hopeless and depressed
Viola is very patient and supportive. I truly appreciate her feedback and encouragement - stuck2018
Thank you Viola
She is a great listener. Very empathetic and gracious.
Very understanding and helpful
She's very nice to talk to
Truly amazing person truly cares about people hearts of gold helped me in my time of need
Truly amazing person
Professional, knowledgeable, helpful, thank you for genuine advice and wishing for your great year ahead
Helpful and kind
Extremely supportive and helpful.....very focused and quick to response......highly empathetic and has the magical ability to make one feel better and lighter!
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