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Listener - Paragon 11

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Hi all! I listen on topics related to  Marriage/ marital (conflict,  sexual/ intimacy), Parenting, Work/ Career, and Education.    

I am an Indian Muslim and will listen to religion related issues as well.  

I do not take chats on Dating/ Non-Marital AND LGBTQ.

Lastly, please check my forum discussion posts on various topics:
Click ➡� Forgiveness
Click ➡� Dealing with Illness
Click ➡� Financial Problems
Click ➡� Giving and Receiving
Click ➡� Juggling My Time with Family Time
Click ➡� Sibling Relationships
Click ➡� Coping with Grief
Click ➡� How I quit Smoking
Click ➡� Mental Health- Impact on Family
Click ➡� Eating Disorders
Click ➡� Family Outin
Number of Ratings: 321
Number of Reviews: 181
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Hindi, Urdu
Listener Since Oct 17, 2017
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Gender Male
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Feedback & Reviews
Very insightful and helpful
Kind and thoughtful person. Good listener and supportive.
excellent listener and will take his time with you
quite calm and takes the time to listen and understand
Vroomie is very empathetic and kind. His kindness reaches directly to ones heart and he listens very carefully. Listens with all his heart. I wish all the members talk to vroomie once. Vroomiee you're a gem for this site. Stay safe and take good care of yourself. Thank you for helping me ❤
Great listener, helped me calm down and gave me some good perspective!
Among my first listeners — a very good experience of connecting with a person who took the time to listen intently, and to carefully respond to me too.
Great listener! Really gave me perspective on my situation to help me sort out my thoughts and issues
Hey you helped me like no one else and listened all of my grief,I am lucky i found you,Love you vroomy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
He is a very attentive, compassionate, kind and caring listener. He is very good with relationship advice. He is awesome!
Vroomie is one of the best listeners 7 Cups has. He shows great empathy and listens carefully and with great patience. He also directs the chat gently forward so find ways to handle your worries. He crafts very thoughtful questions without judging and you really feel safe with him as a listener. Thank you
Very kind and compassionate. He truly takes time to listen and cares. Definitely someone I feel comfortable with discussing any topic.
He is an amazing listener ,he is supportive and really nice to talk
A great listener who tries his best to connect and understand
thanks again :)
Understanding, helpful and kind.
Vrooomiee is the bestesttt listener on cups. Thanks for your compassion and love for me. I feel so happy whenever we have a chat session because you have all the qualities of a good listener. I was so hurt a few days ago and you were there for me to listen unbiased and reflected on my situation amazingly. As long as im here, I'll always have a super duper friend that is YOU. Sending beams of love and strength to you. Stay happy always!!!!!
Thank you so much. God bless😭😭❤️❤️
Well experienced and easy to talk to
He took the time to listen and get a background of where I was coming from and would point out compatibilities of where he could give the best insight.
Vroom always makes me feel better when i am upset. Listened to me patiently. Im grateful to you. You have been incredibly helpful and friendly with me. I am glad to have met an amazing listener like you. Stay awesome always :)
Vroom you're just an amazing person and a wonderful being. I can't even explain how much you've helped me with my situation. I was not able to share these unpleasant feelings with anyone but you helped me to vent. I hope you get all the happiness you want in life because you deserve lots of happiness. I am glad to have met an amazing listener like you. Sending you lots of love💓💓
Very caring and authentic person. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help mine. Hugs
most of the time I come to share my concern with vroom and he listens with all ears and give insight with my issues.. so its been few years.. and thanks for being such a wonderful listener. God bless you bro :)
Loved it! Vroom is just awesome! Thanks a lot!
There are no other words I can say but THANK YOU. Thank you so much for listening, for understanding and for making me smile amid my hard days. You gave me hope that things are going to be better without you even saying it. Once again, thank you, Vroom, for being here when I need you the most.
Vroom is outstanding! He was able to make me laugh out loud when I was having a so-so day! He listened attentively and sincerely cared for you like an actual friend. Thank you for brighten up my day, Vroom, you saved my day!
Having Vroom as my listener gives me the courage to share my burden with someone. He is kind, helpful, and non-judgmental. It's comforting to meet a few good men here, and Vroom is definitely one of them. Thank you, Vroom, God bless you so much!
Vroom is the real thing. A good listener, non-judgmental, and he simply cares. Much love and God bless you!
lovely person, thank you !!
Really and truly a compassionate listener.
Vroomvroom is a very compassionate and caring listener. He crafts good questions and answers and shows both empathy and hope. He's also wonderful with checking in on you, making sure you are okay. I'm glad we talked because I feel like I could tell him anything without being judged or feel like a burden. Vroomvroom is an exceptionally great attentive listener.
Vroomvrooom is a very good listener. He listened to me attentively, helped, and enlightened me on things I didn't know before. I feel like talking to a long-lost friend. Thanks, V!
Helpful and comforting as always. Supportive and kind, very nice conversation.
Really wants to help.
I've been having a hard time finding a listener that can listen to me well and being non judgmental. In a one fine day, I've been connected with Vroom and it's a great experienced engaging with him. Finally I can voice out without feeling anxious and fear of being judged. He's attentive and patience, giving lots of encouragement. Indeed a wise listener. Thanks again.
Superb. Very thoughtful, generous, kind, wise listener.
A very kind and patient Listener.
Vroomvrooom is so kind and supportive. I immediately felt at ease! One of the best listener experiences I have had on 7cups! Thank you VroomVrooom for your time and support you are a gem
Vroom is a compassionate soul, a beautiful being and also very human which is good.
Absolutely amazing person to chat with. Wise, kind, thoughtful and simply lovely... The best listener on 7 cups.
You have been by my side and you have cared for me like a sister. Thank you.
Thank you ... You are truly kind.
Vrooom is the best listener at helping me focus on my own tasks, my responsibility in shaping a better life for myself and my loved ones. Superb Listener.
Super kind and understanding and non judgemental. Made me feel super safe and calm
Vroom is a Listener that elevates me to cut through the exterior noise and nonsense in my life and seek a better purpose.
The best listener on 7 Cups! Helpful, supportive and so kind.
awesome chat very amazing
Vroom took the initiative to reach out to me in a community chatroom when I openly stated I was going to leave the chat to try talking with a listener. Vroom offered to listen, and am i ever so thankful that vroom did. Vroom listened, understood, and was able to relate. It made all the difference in the world and I can't say enough good things about vroom. If you find yourself in need of a quality listener, look no further.
He was amazing ! So supportive and nice and kind .. he listened to me till the end and cared to every word I said .. gave me solid useful advice and tips and was very helpful .. thank you very much .. 100% recommended he is the best ! Anna
Wonderful listener. Listened me with patience without judging me. Appeared mature and experienced with many challenges of life. I felt better after talking with this person. Highly Recommended :)
Good guy. Very helpful
Very kind and understanding, able to help me see my feelings are valid.
Helpful listener
I love him. He's one of my best friends here. Thanks for all your awesome work.
Very understanding, wise and patient.
He is good listener
Awesome listener who ease my burden.
Vroomie is a sensible, realistic listener. He works his hardest to help those in need, but never with a hint of desperation. Very reasonable. You make me proud to be a part of this community, Vroomie!
good listener and understanding
Actually listens and is thoughtful. Seems like a genuine being with compassion.
Very insightful, caring, understanding
Thank you for listenning to me. Our chat helped me relax and feel more at ease with myself. It's giving me strength to keep working on me. You rock! :)
He focused on my topic and gave me lots of different points of view. Encouraged me.
Really good listener, he helped me have a better perspective about my issues concerning my marriage and also helped me find alternatives to make improvements. It felt like talking to a good friend, very underst
Nice to chat with
Very good listener.
Listens to u patiently and u can vent out easily
I have found much better comfort after talking about what I am going through with him. Very patient and incredibly caring. Just a sent bles
I am so grateful for your time ... You have been a great support. May God bless you abundantly !!!
So good to talk to, asks the right questions and really caring
Very considerate and thoughtful Listener. Also kind.
good chat. nice person
Very empathetic listener.
Incredibly patient. Always there any time or day. Listening carefully and supporting. Can’t thank enough of how much help and support he will give
Perfect! I generally look out for someone who has the experience and intellectual capability to understand the understand the complexity of mind. And i found the right person here :)
Great listener thank you
loved it.. paying lots of attention to all problems.. great chat
It's not often when you come across someone who makes you see your potential or even make you realise how far you have come. I'm truelly appreaciated for having cross paths with you today. Can't thank you enough. You gave me hope and strength to keep pushing harder for one more day, week, month,... Thank you so much for our chat.
It was a very supportive chat! Thanks for being with me!! I was beed listened and it was great. I feel so relief!
Thank you so much for talking with me again and checking in with me. I really appreciated hearing from you and you are one of the BEST listeners here. :)
I appreciate that you checked in with me to find out how I was doing. Not many others take the time to do that, so I wanted to let you know this. Thank you so much for this consideration! :)
What a wonderful and understanding person to talk to :)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my problem and anxiety, brother! 🙌🏻😊
Very good help and support
I greatly appreciate you for your support, kindness, and compassion for me during some difficult times in my life ... thank you for being who you are! :)
If you're looking for a genuine and professional listener, vroom is definitely your guy. I'm thankful for the chat, vroom.
He has a very gentle, calm and kind spirit and knows how to calm down my anxiety :) Thank you, brother! May all your tests in this world be eased because of how helpful you’ve been to me and others! Amiin!
Really great listener overall.
It was great talking to someone who understands what I feel by putting himself in my shoes
10/10 , recommend it love this guy.
Listens very patiently , comes up with best of suggestions... Gives you the warmth of a friend ... Heartfelt thanks !!!
Meaningful very much
You are a very good, empathetic, and understanding listener and I hope that more listeners can learn from you. :) Also, I appreciate your direction of the family and caregivers discussion board as well. :)
Chivalrous , compassionate ,caring listener... He makes you so comfortable that sharing things with him come naturally ...Feeling positive and understood !!! Heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to you !!!
Keep spreading the light dear Listener Friend !!! As I always say certainly a gift to all of us !!!
He has all the qualities that an Excellent Listener should be having ... Very calm , patient,generous and empathetic... I felt heard ! I felt understood ! I am so very grateful ...!!!
Best workplace advice!
A lovely listener , who understands , makes you open up ... !!! Feeling so much better now ... I really wish him all the love , happiness and joy ... !!!
Good!! So calm and decent.
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