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Hello and welcome to my profile! My name here is Ivy (which is not my real name) and I am a psychology student and Verified Listener on here with a lot of experience which life gave me. I have been beaten from life so much times but what I learnt is when you don't give up and don't lose hope everything can get better. Nothing in this life is impossible.. well except to fly or such powers but not and to solve problems. I have been through depression, anxiety disorder, BPD, self-harm/low-self esteem and low self-confidence, bad and toxic relationships, family and school stress also loneliness, bullying and some more which are terrifying. Some people are judging a lot and bullying without even thinking about what are they doing to us. Sometimes people are being weird and making us confused about a lot of things, we get depressed and anxious. Some people say saddness and depression are the same but the difference is that saddness is a human emotion while depression is a mental illness. Whatever you are going through there is always a way to find a solution and all you need is support and hope. We are all equal no matter what our skin colour is or the different languages we speak or where we live or how we live, we are all humans and we have to help each other. Everyone has the full rights to be loved and supported, to be heard. Your voice matters and your life does too. Don't put it so hard on yourself, look at life from another perspective, try to find the positive signs in every bad situation because these challanges we get from life are making us weak at the moment but stronger in the future. *I accept chats which are on the categories below, please do not contact me for any sexual themes or I should ask you to look for another Listeners and end the chat, we should respect each other and remain calm in any situations. *  Thank you so much for taking your time to read this! I would love to spend my time helping to people who need and to see them smile because this is what makes us beautiful! ❤️❤️
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Number of Ratings: 19
Number of Reviews: 16
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Languages English
Listener Since Jan 17, 2020
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Gender Female
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Feedback & Reviews
A really nice person 🤗
Fast response and very empathetic
She's a very good listener
Loved it! awesome chat!
Listened to my problems and understood the needs I had to talk to someone
she’s so supportive
She is very sweet, honest, and kind. I am grateful she answered and chatted with me.
she was straight, supportive.
Kind listener and helpful
So Friendly Listener. Loved the time I spend with her chatting :)
Ivy is one of the most empathetic person on 7 cups when it comes to issue like loneliness. Many people don't give importance to people like me who has a small issue like missing a cousin sister. She didn't ignored me but heard me till the end. I feel like I'm important after a long while I feel like ive got hope. God bless you. You're not an little bad angel, you're a good angel 😂😂😂 Thank you so much and I hope you always be my friend too. The way I feel is all because of you With love
Great listener.....was very helpful and supportive
nice good girl
really good, finally someone who actually listens
Shes awesome:)
Very empathetic I love that
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