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*If you have been referred to me by another listener you are not required to schedule with me. I have agreed to accept your chat and am available for you now.*I've been here for 6 years and it has been an impactful time in my life both for my own well-being and having the privilege to support others. You can find a full list of topics I support down below under categories. I work almost non-stop at my real life job which unfortunately has a huge impact on my availability. For this reason, I am not able to take on long-term members at this time until I am able to find a balance.♥I only take scheduled chats for 1 hour a day based on my work schedule♥

United States


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Listens to Teens & Over 18
in last month
~ due to a busy schedule response time might be a bit long ~ Hey there, I don't know who you are but it's nice to have your eyes looking at my profile! You can call me Ila (with capital i). I'm 22 and I'm a girl, coming from the beautiful Italy but currently living in Germany. I'm in University and I'm a programmer. I'm a straight-forward person, sometimes sarcastic and a bit silly but hardly ever uncomfortable with a topic.  I will do everything to be a professional and empathetic guide because you only deserve the best, never feel like you're bothering or burdening me because you're absolutely not: I appreciate your courage and your choice to share your story with me. If you ever feel alone, overwhelmed or lost, I hope you'll consider reaching out for support, it's not worthless at all. Looking for help is the first step for recovery. "There's a world of difference between what we see and what is."



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**On a break for an unknown amount of time**  ----Count Your Rainbows,Not Your Thunderstorms.----Sometimes all you need is someone just to be there even if they can't solve your problems. Just knowing there is someone who cares can make all the difference. Happy to help!♥*Apologizes I'm currently not taking new chats.* 

United Kingdom


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in last month
NOTE: My status is almost always offline - you can still PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP, or look in the chatrooms to see if I'm online        Listeners: I am back! I am working on getting some badges back so I can be a full mentor again!   Hello and welcome to 7cups of tea. I'm excited to see that you're taking the first step to gain some self-care, help, a listening ear. My name is Mikayla, some people like to call me Mikayla, Mika, Miki, or Mik. Any are okay with me. I enjoy listening to help others gain a better understadning of themselves as well as gain a new way of looking at things. I will listen to you no matter who you are and what your needs are, my goal as a listener is to be here for you to have. I know most about, and can realate back to topics from the following:- Abuse- Body image- Domestic Violence - Drug abuse/ Drugs- Eating Disorders- LGBTQ+ (I am lesbian myself, so I know what it feels like about coming out and various things in the LGBTQ+ world!- Sexual Assault, abuse, survivor. - Self-InjuryPlease don't feel if you don't see what you need help with isn't on my list that you cannot connect with me. My messages are always opened. You will also see all my topics on my profile list below. About me: I now live in the Netherlands but I come from the United States. I am nearly done with my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology with a focus in counter-terroism and International Criminal Law. I have life experience with living with a family member suffering from drug abuse, going through an eating disorder myself, mental health, losing friends to suicide or chronic health conditions, and also being a chronic illness patient myself who has spent long amounts of time in the hospital because of medical health problems.  I am always open for chats, however my status is most often "offline" this is due to my work schedule at the moment. If at any point in our chat you feel you would like a different listener, that is 110% okay! This is the link to browse listeners.  Talk soon!Mikayla