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 In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity~Albert Einstein--------------------------------  -- Currently on a break from chats--Heya everyone!!*drum rolls*Who am I?Well person reading this, I’m Yendi! (yes, I promise it is). I might not have a lot of experience with everything but the least I could try to do is give you a space to vent, a comfy, safe space. Sometimes all we need is to know someone is listening, hearing what you do have to say, lend a shoulder or ears when needs be, right? That is what I can try to provide for you. We can have chats about anything your heart desires and I’ll try to keep up along with you.I’m an open-minded person so you don’t have to worry about what is said when you have a chat with me! Also, I am open to talking about any topics that you might be worried about talking about.Little about me: I love love to read books, mostly crime novels/psychological thrillers so if you have any to recommend, you can pm away as well. I’m open to listening to any kind of music since I don’t have a specific genre that I like. I know what’s it like to deal with chronic pain since I go through it so I know what’s it like to be in pain and although every pain is different with each person, if you feel frustrated and want to scream, you can scream in my pm’s.Sidenote: I am around the site randomly throughout the day, so you can pm me anytime! However, due to health issues, my response time can be unpredictable and because of it, I might not always remember to message right away but if you pm me once and I haven’t responded within a day, you can pm me again, just for me to remember <3