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It can sometimes be difficult to find support from family members, friends, or like minded people. While you might have a best friend or a support system and network such as groups on social media, you might want to seek support without any social interaction.

Our listeners provide emotional support through active listening. Active listening helps process your emotional distress. The following page can be filtered to seek listeners who provide long-term help and support. You can also browse listeners according to your preferred language as well as for different topics amongst other filters.

7 Cups is a chat site/app that has different options to find a good listener. You can meet new people and text chat with other individuals going through tough times - you are not alone! Everyone goes through a hard time at some point in their lives and we are here for you. Whether you are facing relationship problems, panic attacks, struggling with substance abuse, loneliness, depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issue, our site/app is a safe space based on confidential, anonymous support.

A good idea is to consider what form of support you would like in the first place - we have plenty of options to explore and one of the best ways is to give them a try to find out what works for you. We understand that different people have different needs and preferences. All these support services are appropriate for different situations.

This page can help you seek a trained active listener to talk to through 1-on-1 conversations. These listeners come from different walks of life and all are ready to offer a compassionate listening ear to people who would like to talk to someone else. You can select their username to view their detailed profile page with their shared bio and other information such as whether they have lived experience of mental health conditions or topics, their reviews, as well as their training and other badges. While our listeners do not provide direct advice, their support can help you vent your feelings and concerns in a safe space and you can work together to figure out healthy coping tools.

Listener conversations can vary in duration according to your listener's and your personal availability. Some listeners have the option to schedule chats with them in advance. You can always browse for listeners and leave them a message so that they can get back to you with their availability.

There are several other ways you can find someone to talk to at 7 Cups. These include the group chats and subcommunities. We are glad you are taking the first step towards support!

Our group chat rooms are online chat rooms that serve as different support groups where you can send text messages 24/7. We are a global community with people from all over the world. Some chat rooms include the Sharing Circle room, which is a non-judgemental safe space based on the traditions of AA and similar support groups. This space can prove helpful if you need a group of people to talk to who can listen and get to know you over a long time. Sharing your feelings and experiences as well as listening to those of others can help feel supported. You can expand your support network and make online supportive friends and connections!

On the other hand, if you would like to interact with people and talk to someone over forums, we have dedicated subcommunities for over 45+ topics covering a wide range of mental illness support topics through various sub-forums. Our subcommunities provide support, awareness, events, as well as opportunities to participate in light-hearted icebreakers.

Apart from the above mentioned mental health services at 7 Cups, we have affordable therapy options allowing you to seek online therapy for mental health problems with an online therapist, licensed psychologist, and other mental health professionals. This support is affordable as compared to other online and offline services or other options like support through insurance companies. Therapists are also available to talk to throughout the week on working days.

While our community can help support you after you have lost someone else to suicide, 7 Cups is not to be used in the state of active/passive suicidal thoughts - for such cases, please visit helpful resources such as the Samaritans or National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. For a complete list of helpful resources, click here.

If you would like to gain further insight and helpful information about different mental health topics, you can visit our Community Questions and Answers pages, or read our Expert Mental Health News and Advice articles. Other main features you can explore include our self-help guides and growth paths based on treatment protocols available for free!

The bottom line is, you are never alone - 7 Cups is a community aiming to provide compassion on a global scale. There are various ways to talk to someone at 7 Cups. These include 1-on-1 conversations based on active listening and support through trained listeners, group chats with support discussions and Sharing Circles, and the subcommunity forums. Other features that you may find helpful include the growth paths, community questions and answers, as well as expert advice sections.


Marvel 10
Listens to Teens & Over 18
in last week
***** Not taking any 1-1 chats right now please use to find a Listener.***** Will not take any chats with sex of any nature  I am sorry *****                         ***** I do take chat till after  6 P.m. ( Eastern Time only ) ***** ****** I do not take chats on Sunday ( self care day )*****  Adult and Teen Listener I am  a long term listener and a verfied listener on 7 cups. I also have the door keeper badge. Chat's I do take: Anxiety BipolarBorderline (BPD) BreakupsBullying Chronic Pain Depression Diabetes Disabilities Domestic Violence Eating Disorders Exercise MotivationFamily Stress Financial Stress Forgiveness General Mental Health Getting Unstuck Grief LonelinessManaging Emotions Panic AttacksParenting PTSD/Trauma Relationship Stress Self-Esteem Sleeping Social Anxiety Spirituality Student Life Weight Management Work Stress *** I will repsond back to Your PM'S when I return online ****

United States


Expert 8
Listens to Teens & Over 18
in last week
   I really like to study psychology. I really Like to help people out.�

United States


Epitome 10
Listens to Over 18
in last week
SELF CARE BREAK I'll be taking a break and will only be on for 35+ Discussion and 50+ Open chats. Now the 35+ Room is a pop up I cannot take ANY PMs during the times I open the room.  Room will reopen 6-8am EST every day in the future and for discussions (as per calendar) with Open Chat half hour before and after.I am currently not taking any requests - there are many very good Listeners to talk to under Browse ListenersIf I am your Listener and I am unavailable I will check in from time to time but mainly when I come in for discussions. Please understand it could be a few days before you hear from me.Hi I'm from Australia.I've been around for a while and would like to be a help and support for you.  I've been through a lot especially the last two years with grief, stress, financial distress and loneliness.If you just need an ear you are welcome to contact me.  Listener Twins@uniqueApricot19    



Marvel 2
Listens to Over 18
in last week
Hello! I'm a middle aged single guy who has been battling depression most of my life. Many of us just needs someone to talk to and I'm willing to be that person for you. Talk to me about anything!



Marvel 7
Listens to Over 18
in last month
Welcome to my Igloo, Please, come sit by the fire and relax with me for a while.... Hello, thanks for finding me on 7cups. I promise to do my best to help you feel heard. I look forward to speaking with you so just leave a message.I have had an exciting adventure continuing to grow as a listener. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing moments of their day with them. I live with the philosophy that you're never too old to learn something new. Being open to learning is what keeps us young mentally, no matter how fragile our bodies get. I look forward to chatting with you!!Twin listener: Jenna, jovial, lissy,PalmtreeNRainbows, and Pamharley I participate in these teams: (Teen ) Friendship Room, Support Team 35 and Over