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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. ~~~      Hibernating Profile   *Unable to take any 1-on-1 chat. Sorry*    



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*I don't take chats due to school schedule*☁️Have you said hello to my friend? He is so nice, isn't he? ツ☁️I'm glad you found me on 7 cups and I'm glad you're reading this. ☁️I'm SunFlower or just Sun. ☁️I'm a verified listener and a 7 cups intern graduate. ☁️I'm a member of the verifer liestener team, so if you need a mock chat to be verified just drop a message. ☁️I have joied 7cups on 6 Febreuary 2017. I must say many things have changed since then. ☁️It would be great to listen to you. I'll do my best to release your bad feelings and help you feel a little better. ☁️Please feel free to message me anytime!  ☁️Please feel free to spread kindness by leaving a written review! ツ☁️Shouting-out to some amazing people:@Hope  : My very first mentor@Kara  : My lovely mentor@PassionatePeyton : My awesome mentor & My appreciation team buddy@BurningEmber : My group mod buddy☁️You are Amazing by the way.*I don't take sex-related or LGBT+ chats*



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Conversations are limited from 45 minutes to 1 hour. All conversations are held in strictest confidence!  I reserve the right to not listen to rude or disrespecting members. I am just a volunteer verified listener. I may refer you to other listeners depending on topic or age.  --My Status Information!--Red: I am NOT likely online, so shoot me a message! Orange: I am definitely online, and am answering PMs!Green: I am taking chats and doing support sessions! Members, feel free to send me a message for support, and listeners, feel free to contact me as well! Immediate responses.  Love & Light If you found our chat to be supportive and helpful, please leave a review! Thank you in advance!  Crisis Mental Health Resources Info      1-800-273-8255 or Suicide Hotlines Globally for Quick Reference