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Paragon 10
Listens to Over 18
in last week
hi thanks for contacting 7cups we hope we can help you my name is Beko and I'm here to assist you I like (programming/video game) I went through a lot in my life and hopefully I can help you from my experience and feel free to send a message even if I was offline I will reach out to you when I came back online                                                                                                      



Marvel 7
Listens to Over 18
in last week
Salve! Welcome to my page 😊 ✌  Who am I?My name is Gyda, I am twenty years old and I’m proud to be here and do my bit to help the world, one little deed at a time. I have been to lots of places and learnt many things, and all my life choices have led me to this place. I’m a passionate volleyball player and an ex-young athlete, and would like to infect everyone with my positivity ❤︎ I’m here for those deep chats and those light hearted ones.   Music is extremely therapeutic, which is why I consider it one of the most important things in my life. My favourite artists are Tash Sultana and the Danish band Off Bloom. I’m a massive tattoo fan because I see this as a way of personal expression and I also support animal rights with all my heart. One of my biggest rolemodels in my life right now is MØ because she believes in humility and encourages people to fight for what they believe in.   Due to nature of chats, I only accept chats related to the following topics:  ★ Anxiety ★ ★ Borderline Personality Disorder ★ ★ Drug and Alcohol use ★ ★ Eating Disorders ★ ★ Self-harm ★  I accept those topics as I have my own personal experience in them and I am not as helpful if I were to take a chat outside my experiences. I’m the ‘B’ on the LGBTQ and also willing to chat to you about coming out or any other light-hearted things.  Please get in touch if I sound like a Listener you’re after, I don’t bite.  What I do  My current involvements are somewhat limited, but I believe we all have a role to play, big or small, and I try to do everything with a lot of passion. My roles:☕ Global Mod ☕ ☕ Quality Mentor ☕ ☕ Peer Supporter ☕ ☕ Verified Listener ☕ ☕ Safety Team ☕Reach out to me if you ever need moderating or peer supporting if you’re a Listener!  Member and Listener info Members – Please consider my chat topics before you message me, I don’t take pleasure in turning away chat topics I am not comfortable with, but I will try my best to find the right Listener for you! If you do have a chat within my topics, please send me a message briefly explaining what’s up. I slot my conversations for 60 minutes at a time, this helps both me and you, since I often lose my focus and attention, but I am more than willing to converse longer the more often we talk.Listeners – I am a Quality Mentor, and naturally I am available to help you out with any Listener-related issues. As a global moderator I am always available for active moderating, as long as I’m online. As a Peer supporter, I’m here to listen to you, but keep in mind if it’s a personal issue, do relog to a member account 😊  “Freedom is being able to live with the consequences of your decisions”



Epitome 19
Listens to Teens & Over 18
in last week
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"Time is the most valuable commodityI contribute to these Quality Projects★ Peer Support Project / Training★ Welcoming Team: I have personally provided resources and welcomed 6,680 New Listeners to the 7 Cups Community★ 7 Cups Ambassador ★ 7 Cups Internship Program★ Community Mentor Leader ★ Chatroom Mentor ★ Quality Mentor ★ Forum Mentor ★ Doorkeeper.

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