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7 Cups Is a Place to Call Home

March 18, 2015

7 Cups Is a Place to Call Home

A Poem by 7 Cups Listener, Juddles


7 Cups is a place where I can be who I want to be,

Full of acceptance, full of integrity,

Where people value for what you think,

And don’t just judge you before you can blink,


7 Cups is a place where everyone’s kind,

Everyone is warm, and will always remind,

Why deep down you are special, and always will be,

Outside the huge bubble of negativity,


7 Cups is a place where I can feel proud,

Of my achievements with an emotional cloud,

My intuition of how people feel,

Is relevant, and appreciated for real,


7 Cups is a place where I feel compassion,

In a world without shallow fashion,

People can hold out their hand,

And with a little help, learn how to stand


7 Cups is a place like a breath of fresh air,

To rescue people in constant despair,

To build up people’s low self-esteem,

To turn flowing tears into a confident beam,


But most of all, 7 Cups is a place that I can call home.



Everything I Need To Know I Learned From My Bunny

March 16, 2015


Is there anything we can learn by watching our animal friends?  I think there is.  My  bunny Peppercorn has taught be quite a boit about how to be a better, more centered, peaceful person.  Take a look at these lessons and see if you can learn anything from her too.

1. Love yourself no matter what your weight.  

Peppercorn is round and roly poly, but she doesn't mind.

2. Eat your vegetables!  

I have never seen anyone more enthusiastic about eating lettuce. She sets a good example for healthy eating.

3. Be comfortable being with others and by yourself.  

Peppercorn runs out to greet people whenever they walk by.  She says hello by "bonking" or giving a little nudge from her nose.  But she also is content to spend time by herself.

4. Set good boundaries.  

Sometimes Peppercorn likes to be petted and sometimes she doesn't.  She isn't afraid to let us know either way.

5.  See life as an adventure.  

Peppercorn is excited to explore new places and she craves experience and sensation.  She loves to climb on my back and jump off, or get a running start and use me as a springboard, like a snowboarder in a half-pipe.

6.  Give love freely.  

Peppercorn doesn’t need a reason to love others, and she does not wait to be shown love in order to give love.  She loves freely, and expresses affection to all.

7.  Persistence in overcoming obstacles pays handsomely.  

Peppercorn is constantly trying to climb the walls of her cage.  Through practice she has been able to climb up a 4 foot high wall!

8.  Avoid the drama.  

When things get a little too noisey or chaotic, Peppcorn retreats from the drama.  She doesn’t get involved in the disputes of others.

9.  When you need help, ask for it.  

If Peppercorn is hungry, she rattles her cage.  If she is thirsty, she bonks her water bottle.  She knows what she needs, and asks for help when she needs it.

10.  It’s okay to be silent.  

Peppercorn doesn’t make any noise at all.  She doesn’t need words or noise to express herself.  She communicates with her presence, simply by being.

11.  Live life to the fullest and love whatever it is you're doing with wild abandon.  

Anyone watching the wild ravenousness with which Peppercorn eats will appreciate their meal a little better.  Watching her explore, run, jump off of things teaches me how to be joyfully engaged in the art of living.

The real Peppcorn! 

Written By: EmpatheticDude