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6 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

August 28, 2015
When most people think of keeping a journal, what often comes to mind is an image of a teenage girl writing in her diary. But in fact, different kinds of people, disregarding age and gender, throughout different eras kept journals. There are several benefits to keeping a journal regardless of age or gender! 
1. Venting
One of the main benefits of keeping a journal is the opportunity to vent. We all have opportunities to vent to other people (7 Cups of Tea provides one of these opportunities), but sometimes it can feel better to vent in the privacy of one's own journal. When writing in a journal, one doesn't have to censor oneself or worry about burdening another person (both common concerns) - one can truly be oneself and say whatever they like in a journal. 
2. Helps Identify Triggers
Another benefit to journaling is the ability to read back over what you've written in the past. Doing this will help you make connections with how you've felt and possible circumstances or emotions that have influenced you. This can help you identify triggers in the future that you may not even be aware of.
3. Builds Writing Skills
One of the objections to keeping a journal is that many people aren't good at writing. But no one is good at something until they try it and practice! The old saying is "practice makes perfect". Once you start writing you'll find that you get better at it as you go, and this will translate into your everyday life.  Your practice with keeping a journal will help various aspects of your life as well.
4. Develops Insight
As time goes on and you continue keeping a journal, you'll notice that your innate insight will grow. You'll start to make connections with how you think and behave - and how others think and behave - without having to go to your journal to sort it out. Insight is a very valuable trait to develop.
5. Sense of Accomplishment
A feeling of accomplishment can help bring a person out of feeling down and worthless. When you write in your journal, this can bring a feeling of accomplishment. Whether it's a turn of phrase you're particularly proud of, being able to put into words how you feel, or just being able to sit down and write a few paragraphs, the sense of accomplishment that will follow will in and of itself help your mood improve.

6. Helping Others
Whether you elect to keep your journal private or write it in an online blog format, you can use your experience in journaling to the benefit of others. For example, you can tell others about the benefits you've experienced. If you choose to keep an online journal, others can read your writing and offer insight, or relate to what you're saying and empathize.
There are many benefits to keeping a journal besides the ones I've listed here. I hope that this article has been informative and helpful! 
Written by 7 Cups Listener:  Steena
Edited by 7 Cups Mentor:  Bane