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Until You Came

September 1, 2016


Everyday, I was all alone.

Sitting up here, wondering,

Is this everything?

Is this life?

Is this how it’s supposed to be?

I sat up there, with Ditsy and Bailey,

My only sense of hope.

I never talked to anyone.

I never saw anyone.

I never lived.

Until you came.

You wandered around these forbidden halls,

Til you stumbled across some familiar walls.

Your long brown hair complimented my golden blonde.

You were so happy, so full of life.

You looked so beautiful that I couldn’t believe my sight.

I felt so scared, but you calmed me down,

And showed me the life, outside these walls.

I never lived until you came.

You gave me the sun, the moon & the stars, all in one day.

You showed me freedom.

You showed me happiness.

You showed me life, when you came.

When we got back, I had realized,

That what I wished for so long, was finally true.

No one could have, such a cousin like you.

I didn’t know you until now,

But that didn’t matter.

You came so suddenly, but you showed me what living is.

You showed me true happiness.

You showed me the meaning of life.

The emotions I felt were so overwhelming,

But my heart was finally full.

And that’s when I knew,

I never lived until you came.


This poem is based off a heartwarming dream that I had early this morning. As I woke up, still fresh with the pictures and the emotion in my mind, I hurried to write this down so that I would never forget it.

This dream was about a girl who never came out of her room. She looked like an Ashley so let’s call her Ashley.  She lived with her grandparents and her room was on the highest floor. She never saw anyone nor talked to anyone. She stayed in her room all day, everyday. She wished for a sister that she never had. The only thing she had were her two dogs. One day, a girl named Annabelle came over to the house. Little did Ashley know, Annabelle was coming to visit her grandparents. Yes, these two girls did not know each other, but they were cousins. After 15 years of curiosity, Annabelle decided to go explore the highest floor. What she found was way beyond her imagination. She found a lonely girl with her two dogs. She didn’t know who this girl was, but she decided to take her out and show her the beautiful world. The two dogs were named Ditsy and Bailey. These dogs had kept Ashley company for 15 years. They were playful golden retrievers, mother and baby. The two girls and the dogs set out on an adventure. They ran around busy streets and empty fields of beautiful green grass. Along came a mystery young boy who joined in the fun. All five of them had the time of their lives. When they returned, Ashley ran up to the highest floor, into her room and shut the door. Annabelle and the mystery boy could her sobs through the door. That was when the Annabelle realized how much Ashley had been through and how happy she felt been for the first time in 15 years. As both the girls realized that they were cousins, Annabelle broke down into tears as she realized the happiness that she had brought Ashley that day. To express her gratitude towards Annabelle, Ashley gave her the Ditsy, the baby golden retriever that Annabelle had loved and played with during the day. These two girls realized that they were connected forever and Ashley realized that she would never be alone ever again.

Written by, Sarra