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How Online Therapy Can Help a Grieving Family

October 31, 2017

Recently, a married mother of two precious girls passed away suddenly. The loss was utterly devastating for everyone who loved her, especially her husband and children. If this sounds like something your family experienced, you may be wondering how to seek professional help for your grief.

Therapy is an important tool in the grieving process. Your family’s counselor can help you and your children learn healthy coping mechanisms, process feelings, and recognize danger signs of depression. Understandably, you may be too busy or drained to go to in-office appointments.

These days, in-office appointments for each member of your family may not be necessary. Technology has advanced so much that you can get the benefits of therapy right in your home. Better yet, you can have a qualified therapist take care of your child’s mental health as well.

Get Help Now

Have you ever called a doctor’s office of any kind just to learn that there are no openings this month? It happens with therapists too. However, if your spouse suddenly passed away, you shouldn’t wait that long to receive help. It’s important to start speaking with a therapist immediately.  Online therapy can help you and your children begin processing loss healthily and immediately. Your family’s well-being is worth it. 

If your loved one has been suffering from a terminal illness or condition and their passing was expected, it can still be a shock. Many doctors and nurses struggle to know how to help and comfort family members. They are well trained in caring for patients and trying to solve medical problems, so helping families emotionally is not easy. A good therapist can help you before a loved one passes away as well as afterwards.

Find a Therapist You Like

The relationship between a counselor and a patient can make or break the process. The last thing you want to do is try to get through this difficult time with someone you can’t trust. Your children need a therapist they can feel comfortable with too.

With online counseling, you can each choose a listener who fits your needs. If you would prefer to talk to a man your age and your teenage daughter wants to speak to a woman the age her mother was, that’s fine. Plus, if you start with a therapist who isn’t right for you, you can switch.

A Note About Suicidal Thoughts

Any time grief is a topic of conversation, suicide is important too. Thoughts of harming oneself or ending one’s life are never healthy, even after a significant loss. As the surviving parent, it’s important that you recognize these symptoms in yourself and your children.

If someone you love has suicidal thoughts, they may not express them to you. Instead, you may need to monitor a grieving person for the following signs:

·         Buying a gun

·         Saying that life is hopeless or pointless

·         Feeling like an overwhelming burden

·         Dependence on alcohol or illicit drugs

·         Bad sleeping habits

·         Withdrawal from normal activities

If you notice these signs, look up a local hotline or have someone take you to the nearest Emergency Room.

If you have lost a spouse, you and your children may experience indescribable grief. However, you do not have to go through this alone. Therapists are available online to help your family mourn.

Written by: Lucy Wyndham