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Here are Some Great Ideas for Clean and Sober Vacations

November 29, 2017


What good is a trip to Rome if you can't drink the wine? That question is easy to answer if you're one of the thousands of people who, according to CNN, take sober vacations to the Eternal City every year. They immerse themselves in Rome's breathtaking architecture, its ancient past, and its endless opportunities for artistic and cultural enrichment. The memories they take home from the experience are intoxicating enough as far as they're concerned. Their example can benefit anyone who is planning a vacation while going through addiction recovery.

You'll Find Safety in Numbers

Cruise ships have everything you could need for a good time, including sunshine and great scenery. However, they also make it easy to drink. So how do you avoid temptation while enjoying yourself on a cruise? One way is to book a trip with others who are in the same boat as you when it comes to staying sober. Many cruise lines actively encourage people in recovery to book trips together. The company offers onboard support group meetings, sponsors alcohol-free activities, and even allows people struggling with addiction to book adjoining cabins. This last option is well worth considering if you want to avoid the sounds of a tipsy neighbor staggering around her stateroom.

What's that? You say cruising isn't your cup of tea? No worries; according to Forbes, you can opt for all kinds of adventures geared towards those in recovery. Your options include:

Ski trips that let you challenge the slopes in popular locales like Big Sky, Montana.

Bus excursions to New York where you can see world-class comedy shows or even the opening game of the Yankees baseball season.

Eco-friendly adventures in exotic locales like Nicaragua where you can hike, zip line, kayak, and practice Yoga on the beach.

People who have never wrestled with addiction issues are sometimes less than kind when they find out about your situation. Going on a trip with people who face challenges similar to yours can help you to feel at ease. You may even form cherished friendships that last a lifetime.

"But I'm a Lone Wolf!"

We get it; maybe you prefer to spend your time off by yourself or with a few close acquaintances. You still have plenty of options for enjoying yourself. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Consider a state park vacation. Most public parks forbid alcohol and drugs on their premises, so you're less apt to run into temptation. Many of these locations offer breathtaking natural beauty, a full schedule of things to do, and overnight accommodations ranging from tent sites to air conditioned cabins. Park fees are often quite reasonable, making this an excellent option for those on a  budget.

Vacation in a dry county. Many regions in the US still ban the sale of spirits within their jurisdiction, believe it or not. If you can find something you'd like to do in one of these areas, then you can have a blast without ever seeing or smelling alcohol.

Take an excursion to the Middle East. Many Muslim majority countries have strict anti-alcohol and anti-illicit drug laws. Yet they offer a world of fascinating things to see and do. Islamic culture is rich in art, literature, philosophy, and science. You'll check out from a adventure like that with your mind enriched and your soul ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Happiness comes from within you, not from a bottle or a batch of chemicals. Seek support from after care programs and your family, and most importantly, take time for yourself. So enjoy your upcoming getaway and keep your mind focused on recovery. That's a great game plan, not only when you're on vacation, but for the rest of your life.

Written by: Adam Cook