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What is 7 Cups?

June 22, 2016
A cup of happiness,

a cup of joy.

A cup that wipes,

all your cries.

A cup of listeners,

a cup of friends.

A cup that provides,

a million friends.

A cup of strength,

a cup of peace.

A cup that supports,

all your dreams. 

A cup to nurture,

a cup of care.

A cup to believe,

for all your stress.

A cup of promise,

a cup of belief.

A cup that provides,

a sense of peace.

A cup of hope

a cup of love.

A cup of solution,

that changes your world.

A place to dwell, 

a place to live.

A place that defines,

a perfect human relationship. 

Written by 7 Cups Listener, Ohce22