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3 Signs of Emotional Abuse

December 20, 2016

                      Emotional Abuse


Abuse. It is a word that can trigger extremely harmful memories/flashbacks or events within many of our world’s population. Most people think of assault or scars, but arguably the most nerve-racking form of abuse is emotional abuse. Unlike with scars, bruises, and black eyes, emotional abuse isn’t visible to the naked eye or any eye. You could have the most powerful microscope in the whole wide world and even it couldn’t detect it. This abuse is elusive and just as harmful as the other types.

Most would prefer to pretend that it doesn’t exist, just because we can’t see it or hope our society would be on a higher level than this. Despite some beliefs abusers don’t stick out like sore thumbs, it can be very difficult to spot one. They can live like “normal” citizens, have a job, sustain friendships, and even be happy. “But what about the victims?”, I hear you saying.

The victims may not even know they are being abused. Like I said it’s not obvious. But cases of emotional abuse can lead to a crippled image of self and think that harsh criticisms are always fact. Abuse can happen in any relationship: between two friends, between partners, between parent and child, etc…

But how do we know if it falls under abuse, well there are a few warning signs:

Humiliation: With this person do you ever feel like you are treated in a childish way? Do they go out of their way to put you down or insult you? Do they reinforce the belief that you are always wrong?

Domination: Do they control aspects of your life such as: Spending habits, Relationships, Social media

Emotional blackmail or distancing: Silent treatment, Playing victim, Neglect the actual victim

Emotional abuse is a huge problem, not only because 35% of married women experience this abuse, but because this affects us for the rest of our lives. So what can we do to help our society's victims?

At 7 Cups of Tea, we offer a variety of help for a whole plethora of issues our users might be facing. I noticed that from my personal experience people who select Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as their main issue don’t seem to open up completely. Which is okay, it is their choice and it must be very difficult.

But is there anything we can do? To outsiders, our beloved site seems to cater to depression above all else. So is it possible that we can make this website more appealing to issues like sexual, emotional, and physical abuse through advertising?

Just food for thought. What do YOU think we can do to help with catering to “atypical” issues on the site?

You can Private Message @TheThomas with any suggestions or ideas.


Article written by: Hopemaybloom

Edited and finalized by: TheThomas



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