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9 Tips for being an efficient listener!

January 4, 2017


Listening Skills


To start the year of with a bang, here are some tips and guidelines to active listening with our members and guests.


An efficient listener:

1. Talks minimally,

2. Concentrates on what is being said,

3. Does not interrupt,

4. Does not give advice,

5. Gives and does not expect to get,

6. Accurately hears the content of what the member or guest is saying,

7. Accurately hears the feelings of what the member or guest is saying,

8. Is able to communicate to the person being helped that he or she has been heard through reflecting back to the member or guest what the listener heard.

9. Asks clarifying questions when necessary, for instance – “Can you please explain that in another way so I’m sure I understand you?”


Hindrances to listening:

1.  Having preconceived notions about the person on the opposite end that interfere with the listener’s ability to hear the member or guest.

2. Anticipating what the member or guest is about to say and not actually hearing them.

3. Thinking about what you are going to say and therefore blocking what the member or guest is saying,

4. Having personal issues that interfere with your ability to listen,

5. Having a strong emotional reaction to your member’s content and therefore not being able to hear them accurately,

6. Being distracted by other things (example: hunger pains)


Source - Neukrug, E. (1999). The world of the counselor: an introduction to the counseling profession. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.


Written by: tazcares

Finalized and published by: TheThomas

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