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3 Apps For Free Online Therapy

February 10, 2017


Therapy is a resource in high demand, and in today’s technological age many people are moving to cell phones and tablets. This makes current websites who offer active listening or therapy services to make the move to mobile.

So who offers therapy based listening in a mobile setting?

7 Cups of Tea ( 7 Cups of Tea was founded in July of 2013 by Glen Moriarty, a licensed psychologist. As of 2017, 7 Cups of Tea provides ordinary people from over 150 countries and 130 languages a safe, supportive atmosphere to talk either one on one with a trained listener, or in a group setting with other people with similar stories. All of this for free. 7 Cups provides a website as well as an app for people to come together.

Big White Wall: Big White Wall is a community application where people suffering from various mental illnesses can come together and talk about their problems with support from trained therapists. The app features discussion boards, reference articles, and self-assessment tests. Users can also register for online therapy programs.

Optimism: Optimism is a mood-tracking app for people with depression and bipolar disorder, as well as those simply looking to brighten their days. Users regularly record their emotional state, along with other factors, including the amount of caffeine or alcohol they have consumed each day and the quantity and quality of their sleep and exercise. The app helps people visualize how various factors may interact to influence their mood. The app also allows users to record potential “triggers,” or occurrences that negatively affect their mental health. By constantly keeping tabs on their mood and environment, users may learn to recognize key triggers and head off bouts of depression or anxiety before they occur.

Written by 7 Cups listener: TheThomas