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Do you suffer from Dating Fatigue Syndrome? (Take this short Quiz and find out)

April 7, 2017


Written by 7 Cups Therapist: Pella Weisman

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (CA MFT #86517) and Dating Coach

There’s a syndrome going around among many of my clients that seems to be as is as normal as the common cold. I’ve dubbed it Dating Fatigue Syndrome.

How do you know if you’ve got it? Take this quiz below:

1) Do you find yourself dreading going online to check in on the activity around your profile or the latest emails, looks, or favorites from interested folks?

2) Are you critical of every person who contacts you and can’t seem to muster up the energy to contact them back?

3) Does spending a night at home in your pajamas sound more appealing than meeting the partner of your dreams?

If you have answered “Yes! That’s me!” to any of the above, you may be suffering from Dating Fatigue Syndrome.

Some of the common causes of Dating Fatigue Syndrome include:

- You’ve been on a string of bad dates (you know, the kind where you don’t even enjoy the hour that you spend with your date, let alone have any interest in anything more). Why bother with one more?

- You’ve been rejected by someone you were interested in and it feels too hard to face the possibility of another rejection. Or you just ended a serious relationship and feel hopeless about finding one that works.

- You’ve been dating like a maniac, going out several times a week, and you’re burnt out.

- You’re struggling with health issues, high stress at work, or other factors outside of your dating life that require a lot of your energy. Your tank of energy reserves for dating is running low to empty.  

Sound familiar? The good news is there IS a cure for Dating Fatigue Syndrome. (and it’s pretty much the same cure as for the common cold). Ready for it?


Time? Yes. It’s that simple. You need some time off. Time to recuperate, time to invest in your friendships, time to handle the other issues going on in your life. Go ahead, take some time off. Spend Saturday night at home in your pajamas. Remember the relationships and activities in your life that rejuvenate you and do more of those. Or just rest. For a week, a month, or even several months. When you are ready to come back to dating you will have a renewed perspective, an open mind, and a full tank of energy to get out there and meet the world (or your soul mate).