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Listener of the Week: Lukas

October 21, 2013

This week we celebrate Lukas, one of our very active International Listeners. Lukas hails from Germany, and has been listening with us since early August.


We asked Lukas why he became an Active Listener with us. This is what he said: “I really love helping others. I also had to struggle at some points and found out that it often helps yourself if you can help someone else to feel better - that really works for me. I enjoy talking to so many different people. 7 Cups Of Tea really fills a gap and I'm happy to be part of it.”

We asked Lukas what he does to relax and he responded: “I often relax by doing stuff I really love to do. Filming movies, writing stories - it's my way to relax. And sometimes I just watch some of my favorite series. With some Ellen DeGeneres and a package of Oreo cookies, the day gets better immediately.”

Often, our guests wonder what our listeners do when they are not online. Lukas shared that he is a journalist and publicist. "It's a great opportunity to combine my love for languages with my affection to entertainment news. It's like I'm able to have my hobby as a job and I appreciate that every day.”

Thanks, Lukas! We appreciate you everyday.

Have some Oreos!