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Listener of the Week: Mana

October 29, 2013

Our Listener of the Week this week is Mana. She is a very dedicated Listener and has been with us since early August. Every Listener has a life outside of 7 Cups of Tea, and Mana is a self-proclaimed Foodophile and a Shopaholic! She is a new resident of California so a great deal of her time is spent learning about Northern California and exploring as much as she can about her new home.  

Mana has many talents, one of which is writing poetry. She wrote 3 poems for us inspired by her feelings about being involved with 7 Cups of Tea. Thanks Mana!

Almighty has sent 7 cups
On this earth
For giving good mental health girths

7 Cups of Tea
One life
Fill it to the brim.

Happiness serene
that calm sea
with 7 cups of tea