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Being A Disabled Active Listener

October 29, 2014

When I was asked I would like to write a blog post about my work here I was thrilled because I knew I had a chance to share what it’s like for me to be a listener at 7 Cups of Tea. To give an accurate account I will be telling you from how I found the site, to my current experience. Hope you enjoy reading!

How I Found 7 Cups of Tea:

I was on Facebook just looking at posts by my friends, and all of the sudden a 7 Cups of Tea link popped up by one of my friends. I was curious so I clicked the link, and after reading about the site I went straight to “Become A Listener” because I knew I wanted to help. Thus my journey began.

My Journey:

I was new to the community and I didn’t know what to do, but I was sure I could find help in the Listener Chatroom. I went there and met a fellow Listener named ooooohhhhhhhey, she was so kind to me and we became instant friends. I know that seems odd but it’s true. I could tell her anything, she is so warm and welcoming.

I knew soon thereafter that I could tell her that I was not like everyone else. You see, I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and ooooohhhhhhhey was so understanding. This is me :)

For me Cerebral Palsy affects my ability to do most daily living activities, including help with eating to getting dressed, and I’m not able to walk either. However, I can talk, type with my right index finger, and drive my power chair. The reason typing is so challenging for me is that my other fingers curl inward automatically.

Why did I explain this? The reason is so you see we all have challenges to overcome.

Since I joined the 7 Cups of Tea community, I have had some disability related issues, because some people don’t know how to react, and that’s okay. Point being for every down day there are more up days to be had.

I have begun a disabled awareness movement at 7 Cups of Tea! Take a look here!

Now, I don't label myself as an expert on all disabilities. I have however been around many conditions, and I know that all people with disabilities need to be heard.

My Long-Term Goal:

I don’t plan on leaving 7 Cups any time soon. In fact I hope to be the Disabilities Ambassador of the main Team at 7 Cups of Tea. For now though being an Active Listener/Group Support Moderator is enough for me. It may sound silly, but I look forward to the day I can call 7 Cups of Tea my official job. It’s not about money for me, it’s about helping members and guests with their issues. Not by giving advice, but showing them I truly care about those who ask me for help.


Yes, I have a life long condition that makes it challenging to respond super fast. However, when you connect with me you get someone who truly cares. Feel free to find me here and leave a message. I always return my messages. 

Written by Active Listener Webwolf2002

Thanks for reading! Hugs!