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5 quick ways to be more resilient

November 20, 2014




What does it mean to be or not to be emotionally resilient? 

Emotional resilience simply refers to one's ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises.





It is important to note that resilience is not only about overcoming a 

deeply stressful situation, but also coming out of the said situation with “competent 



Stress comes from many different sources in our lives. Stress can come from normal 

changes in our lives (birth of a child), unexpected events (winning the lottery or death 

of a loved one), developments in the world around us (poverty or crime), and daily 

hassles (traffic or waiting in line). 


It may not be easy but you can develop you resilience. But, here are some ways to 

help nourish it: 


1. Develop the right attitude.

Try to view life with action rather than with fear, self-pity, blame or a "victim 

mentality." Life can be challenging but it is important to develop “positive self-talk”- 

your mind should be your best friend, not your enemy. Keep repeating that everything is 

okay, that you are strong and that you totally can do it! 


2. Be aware.

Part of resilience is emotional awareness; it’s important to understand what you’re 

feeling and why. Knowing why you feel upset will help you evict that thing bothering 

you and help you manage it! 


3. Be more optimistic. 

This doesn’t mean you have to look at the glass half-full. You can do something to 

change your situation: to hope and work for it. 


4. Maintain your sense of humor and rally your social support.

Laughing helps us take things easily and decrease stress. If you sometimes take things 

less seriously and laugh a little about life, it may help you manage it better! If it 

isn’t that serious, you can perfectly work through it and not get frustrated. While we 

ultimately face our own challenges, a supportive friend or group of friends can help 

lighten the load.


5. Don’t give up. 

There are a lot of ways to control your stress with diets and exercise programs. But they 

can’t work if you don’t stick with them and keep trying even if you’re tired or think it’s 

not working. It may take tame to become more emotionally resilient so be patient and 

don’t give up that easily.


And, the most helpful tip:

- Be patient with yourself and do your best!


Written By: MelAllyouneedislove

‚ÄčEdited By: Phanvan