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3 Simple Tips To Be Less Stressed

January 9, 2015


Our lives get can messy and out of control at times when we have many things to manage or if there’s multiple things on our minds. It’s something that happens to us and at the best of times; it can be very stressful - not only in our minds and emotions but also in our bodies.

-------> Here are 3 simple tips to help you get organized <-------

1. Get Organized!

Getting organized can be hard for some of us when in truth it can be quite easy. You just have to find something that works for you best. One thing to help you keep organized is by having a calendar or planner where you can write out what you are doing on what days and when.


2. Stay on a Schedule!

Keeping yourself on a schedule can help you to focus on one thing at a time, making things feel less overwhelming and help you feel in control. Keeping to a schedule can help you spread things out, making you feel like you have more to do in a short amount of time.


3. Make a to-do list!

Another good way to help you keep organized is by creating lists. When creating a list, write down tasks you have to do the night before for the next day. In that way, day you can finish those things and cross stuff off your list.

Surprisingly, crossing things off a to-do list can leave a great feeling, knowing that there are less things left to do. Like having a planner, it helps us to focus on certain things at a time rather than everything all at once.


So yes, keeping organized can be hard. What we all need is the right push and some ideas to help us get started.

Once you find something that helps you keep organized it can help you get into a healthy pattern of holding back future stress. Life is a stressful thing and helping to manage our lives and keeping our emotions in check is a great way to help our mental state relaxed.

Written By 7 Cups Listener: Caotn97

‚ÄčEdited by 7 Cups Mentor: Phanvan