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6 Easy Ways to Embrace Life

January 16, 2015



Have you ever seen a piece if raw silk? The beauty and value of raw silk is not in perfection. It's preciousness comes from it's unique differences in textures and irregularities. As a matter of fact, tags on raw silk garments declare with pride that it's those very qualities that make the garments so appreciated. Now, you might say, "what does raw silk have to do with improving ourselves and our lives?" ...and, I would suggest, that we, you and I, are exactly like raw silk.


Our beauty and preciousness lies in our differences, idiosyncrasies, and our perfectly incomplete selves.


Here are 6 ways we think about improving our lives:

1. Just Get Started!

We can begin the journey of self improvement at any time or anywhere, knowing in the moment we begin, we have everything we need to fuel our success. It's all there, inside us. The way forward is the road through the valleys and mountains of our experiences and what we learn along the way.


2. You Know Yourself Best

No one knows us like we do. On the way home to ourselves we're going to gather self-esteem, confidence, peace of mind,  self-acceptance, happiness and so much more. We'll also find ruts in the road; they slow us down, get our attention and make us think, check our compus, and change course, if need be.


3. We all need them... Teachers

Teachers appear when we need them. They come in different forms, like the kind stranger who smiles at us and says hello when we most need it, or maybe an angry driver who's honking the horn because we didn't move fast enough when the light turned green. Life might reach out with a helping hand or slap our self-esteem.  The good news... they're there to gift us with opportunities to grow.


4. There Are Rewards Along The Way

Think of it this way, if we're cruising through life and never hit a rut or have to stop and check our direction, we'll speed by the really great stuff living is made of. Each time we challenge ourselves to make a choice we become stronger. Every change in course, we grow more confident. Successes fuel our need to go on and give us something to hang on to so we can brush off dusty doubt.

5. Yes We Can

We can do it, you, me, each of us has the desire to become more, to be heard, understood, happy and cared about and it starts at home, within ourselves. Yes, within ourselves; if it isn't happening there, it won't happen anywhere because our world is reflected outward from the mirror of our most inner feelings. Sometimes life is funny, messy, hard, rewarding, gloriously joyful or heartbreakingly sad... but it takes all of of those things and so much more to spur grow and flourish in our own humanity.


6. Why Settle For Ordinary When You Can Be Outrageously Awesome

Written by 7 Cups Listener: PerfectlyIncomplete