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3 Choices You Can Make To Help Overcome Depression

January 23, 2015

The Great Depression: one of the easiest ways to lose yourself. But are there some easy ways to find yourself again?

Depression is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful.

It can take away your light, your hope and your happiness. It can take your self-respect, your identity and most of all the love you have for yourself.

What are we without these things? And how do we get them back? 

So what is it that depression does...? It surrounds you in a suffocating dark haze, A hopeless, scary state of sadness. Self-loathing and despair. It strips you of your worth and your confidence. Of the good feelings about life you once had. Makes you doubt and question each and every move you make. 

It doesn't have to be that way. There is a way out of depression, I've been a sufferer for 10 years and I'm okay. Life is okay again. And you can be okay too. Sometimes it takes seeing a doctor, sometimes it takes anti-depressants, that's not to be ashamed of. But here are some other options as well. 

We can LEARN to be okay - here are 3 ways:

1) Learning to love yourself again!

It can help to think about qualities that you used to love about yourself, something other people compliment you on. Find those little things that make you feel good about you and put them to the front of your mind, those are important, they make you, you!

2) Learning how to feel worthy again!

I think depression twists our self-worth so much its hard to tell what way is up. I have a quote for this, however "depression is a flaw in chemistry, not in character." Depression speaks not for us as humans, not for WHO we are, but simply for the flaw in our brain chemistry. Everyone deserves happiness, kindness, love, respect. And if we give that to others as we should be giving it to ourselves. Your world will be a much brighter place. You're worthy. Keep telling yourself that. Every day, until you believe what's true.

3)  Learning to have confidence in yourself again! 

The anxiety often accompanies the depression and it makes you second guess yourself ALWAYS. It's time to remedy that with positive affirmations. You can whisper them to yourself every day.

Here are a few: 

"I am good enough."

"I look beautiful today." 

"Today will be a good day."

 "I can do this."

Say them to yourself over and over until your confidence starts to grow and you believe it.


If you're doing those things, you're taking control of your depression, which means it's no longer controlling you. By choosing to smile every day, choosing to eat right, choosing to exercise (Yoga/Pilates, running: any exercise is good exercise!), or choosing to have a positive attitude are all steps in the right direction. 

It might sound silly, but here comes those positive affirmations again! Keep saying them to yourself regularly to change your thinking! Meditate on good beliefs: Beliefs that you're worthy of love, that depression can no longer have your life, that you're taking your life back and your doing it now.

We can control depression, We can Love ourselves. Depression doesn't have to take that from us. It's hard, and it takes time, and what works for one person is not guaranteed to work for another, so be patient with yourself and don't give up! Depression is a war you don't have to fight alone and it's a war we can win. 

Written By 7 Cups Listener & Mentor: Jaelin