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7 Cups Is a Place to Call Home

March 18, 2015

7 Cups Is a Place to Call Home

A Poem by 7 Cups Listener, Juddles


7 Cups is a place where I can be who I want to be,

Full of acceptance, full of integrity,

Where people value for what you think,

And don’t just judge you before you can blink,


7 Cups is a place where everyone’s kind,

Everyone is warm, and will always remind,

Why deep down you are special, and always will be,

Outside the huge bubble of negativity,


7 Cups is a place where I can feel proud,

Of my achievements with an emotional cloud,

My intuition of how people feel,

Is relevant, and appreciated for real,


7 Cups is a place where I feel compassion,

In a world without shallow fashion,

People can hold out their hand,

And with a little help, learn how to stand


7 Cups is a place like a breath of fresh air,

To rescue people in constant despair,

To build up people’s low self-esteem,

To turn flowing tears into a confident beam,


But most of all, 7 Cups is a place that I can call home.