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The Roads Which Direct Our Lives

May 15, 2015

Love, curiosity, inspiration, strength, dreams, projects ... How many roads have directed our lives?

Sure, some of these lead us to the most beautiful places - so beautiful that takes our breath away - but other are ultimately dead-end streets or, in the worst-case scenario, lead us to a cliff.  Sometimes we forget how is simple take the wrong road and how we can find new unknown places thanks to these mistakes. Too often we convince ourselves that everything ends in the failure street or loneliness avenue but we have the map of our existence in our pockets!

Love, Trust in People, Self-Confidence Avenues

We know that it isn’t so easy put our trust in the people around us and show them our vulnerability. In a society that teaches every cry is a weakness and keeping your problems to yourself is the smartest path to success. It is a society that teaches us to cultivate love for ourselves even if the world outside would like to see our own version framed into some standard. In these moments we can start from where we are and chose the way of happiness. We can live a full life, deeply loving what we are, our uniqueness that is a special gift and the good things around us... cause there is always a new page of a new chapter in our stories!

Inspirations, Dreams, Projects Parks 

Think about the future, find role models, build - brick by brick - our lives is the greatest test bed of our strength, courage, faith, humanity.  Believe in the power of future is the flower of hope that blossoms at every new sunrise and that we should never be tired to pick. I like to imagine the future as a huge park in the middle of a city. It gives us oxygen, comfort and reminds us that all the roads we walk through lead us there. Every little seed that we plant today in our park, will become a beautiful tree, or bush, or flower!

Fear, Mistrust, Loneliness, Jealousy Street: 

It’s natural to feel these feelings, I can say inevitable, at certain times of life. Like a dangerous crossroads and we know that on the opposite side there is all we want and need. Well...can happen that fear paralyzes us in the middle of the crossroads. So we feel vulnerable and frustrated, we see others reach the other side without any problems, why not us? But there will be someone who join our hand and helps us to cross the road, always. I think this is the greatest thing about life: we can always learn something and be surprised...if we have the heart open enough!

Get lost sometimes and then rediscover yourself.


Written By 7 Cups Listener: Toffee