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4 Types Psychological Assessments To Learn More About Yourself

June 30, 2015

Psychological Assessments are usually questionnaire based tests that can reveal a lot about who we are. Have you ever thought, ‘I wish there was some kind of magic formula that would tell me what I should do?” Assessments are actually a lot like that. They might not be real magic, but they can tell you a lot about yourself, and what can lead you to happiness.

Here are 4 common types of psychological assessments that can help you get to know yourself:

1. Personality Assessments

Personality assessments are standardized questionnaires designed to reveal the primary aspects of your personality. There are several different assessments that are widely used, but two of the best are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the 16 personality types assessments. These will help you discover whether you are an introvert, very logical, or even intuitive. Knowing more about your basic personality type will help you to understand the part you play in relationships with others. 

2. Career Assessments

Career assessments are great for helping you decide what you should be doing with your life.  Most of these kinds of tests ask questions about activities you would enjoy and/or things you have the aptitude for doing.  The most widely used career assessment is the Strong Interest Inventory which will use your questionnaire answers to match you with a career type. Career types include Social, Artistic, Realistic, Investigative, Conventional, and Enterprising. Examples of these types of careers would be teacher, musician, engineer, scientist, accountant, and business owner, respectively. The career types include jobs from all over the spectrum of ability and education, so you have a good range of careers to choose from you know you would like.

3. Disorder Assessments

This includes a large number of different assessments that can help diagnose you with a disorder. While taking one of these assessments yourself is no substitute for seeking the help of a mental health professional, they can give you an idea about the severity of your condition. Some of the disorders that can be assessed are eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and obsessive disorders. Most assessments like this can be found online. However, they aren’t 100% accurate, so if you think you are suffering from a disorder, it’s best to call your doctor. 

4. Relationship Assessments

These assessments are designed to help you discover how strong a relationship is, how it is affecting you, and if it beneficial to your life. They aren’t just about romantic relationships, although they can help with this. They can also tell you your parenting attachments styles, your role in your family system, and whether or not a friend is contributing to your emotional well-being.  Our mental health is not just dependent upon our own stability but also the stability and care from those in our lives.


Written by 7 Cups Listener: Venttome88