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Mind Full or Mindful?

September 27, 2015











How often do you find your mind is full of times, places, lists of things to do or simply full of worry, pain or anxiety. I often find my mind is so full of pain and worry that it can be hard to shut off, sleep or function normally. Mindfulness might just be one way of helping with some of those feelings.

Being mindful means:

“Paying attention in a particular way, On purpose In the present moment”

- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Being mindful just means giving something your full attention and trying not to let your mind wander off onto other things. There are a few benefits to being mindful like;

- an increased sense of calm and peace

- reduction in physical tension and emotional stress

- feeling more connected and enjoying what you are doing, rather than worrying about what you can't.

Here are 3 ideas for being mindful that may just help you relax and be more mindful;

1. Take an everyday day task like brushing your hair, or having a shower and focus your attention on that experience. Try to notice all the sensations like smells, body movements, sights and sounds etc. If you find your mind wandering just notice it happening and bring yourself back to the task at hand.

2. Hobbies, this might sound odd but reading, colouring in, sewing, drawing, cooking. In fact anything were you are able on focus the task at hand might allow you distract your brain from all those thought and feelings and give you some peace of mind. Try to be in the moment concentrate on what your doing if your reading imagine what is happening in the book is true, see it, feel it try to immerse your self in the book. Again if you find your mind wandering just notice it and bring it back to the task at hand.

3. Mindful Breathing – Just take some time, get as comfortable as you can and focus on your breathing. Focus on taking a deep breath in, then letting the breath out as slowly as possible before allowing your lungs to refill by themselves. Notice the sensation of our lungs emptying, notice them refilling, notice you rib cage rising and falling and how your shoulders will rise and fall. Allow your thought to drift away like passing cars, expanding your awareness to what you can hear and smell around you. If your mind wanders just bring it back again.


Mindfulness takes practice so don't worry if you don't get it right away. It takes time, so you might try it everyday for 10 minutes. Simply remember to be in the moment if your out on a walk try emptying your mind of what's worrying you and simple notice the cars, people, smells and flowers you will be surprised by how much you miss when you do things in autopilot.

Written by 7 Cups Listener: peacefulwaves54 

Edited by 7 Cups Ambassador:  Anna

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