7 Cups Chapters

General Chapter Information

7 Cups supports a network of chapters in schools across the US, Canada, and other countries around the world. The students involved in these chapters work to reduce stigma, create a supportive culture of open discussion and acceptance, and bring online peer support to campus using the 7 Cups online student support system. 7 Cups chapters are making a positive change as a part of a global mental health support network.

What is a 7 Cups chapter?

A 7 Cups chapter is a student-led mental health awareness and support group that works to:
  • Raise awareness regarding stress, emotional challenges, and mental health issues on campus.
  • Encourage students to seek support, and provide information for those who need it.
  • Promote positive mental health and wellness through various blog posts, forums, and also campus events.
  • Fundraise in order to hold events that destigmatize emotional and mental health problems in the school’s community and surrounding areas.
  • Seek support and provide support through the 7 Cups student support system and encourage other students to do the same. This is your main tool for providing support and therapeutic benefits to your peers.

What is required of a 7 Cups chapter?

In order to be registered and remain affiliated with 7 Cups we ask our chapters to adhere to these basic requirements:
  • All 7 Cups chapters and their activities must be in line with the mission and values of 7 Cups. All formal peer support activities must take place on the chapter student support system on 7cups.com
  • All 7 Cups chapters must be student-led and student-run.
  • Each chapter must be named in the "7 Cups at (school’s name/nickname)" format, but can be known as “7 Cups” on its campus.
  • General membership of the chapter is open to the entire campus community, as outlined by rules governing student groups on campus.
  • All chapters must adhere to 7 Cups logo usage standards and comply with all branding requirements set forth by 7 Cups.

How much does it cost to have a chapter?

There is no cost. Launching your own chapter is free.

Our goal is to be able to share the system and the resources, as well as allow those who would like to get involved, regardless of financial situations. Our goal is to build a free global mental health system and we believe that universities play a critical role in helping us reach that objective.

What are the benefits of a 7 Cups chapter?

There are many individual and community benefits of a 7 Cups chapter.

Individual Benefits
  • Individuals will gain leadership experience by participating and planning chapter activities.
  • Individuals will learn many practical skills, including: project management, supervision, group problem solving, marketing, and counseling skills.
  • Individuals are connected with thousands of other like-minded students across the nation who are working towards the same cause.
  • Individuals feel a sense of satisfaction and reward by providing compassion and helping their peers gain support through their own support system and support community.
  • Individuals will be able to collaborate and run their very own supervised community.
  • Individuals can excel at whatever they may be talented in, be it marketing, design, talking to large groups, and also learn new skills.
  • Individuals will have the chance to bring a wide-scale support system to campus.
  • Individuals will create professional relationships with counseling center staff, health center staff, and other related staff members.
  • Individuals can add leadership experience to their resumes and receive recommendation letters for graduate school or employment opportunities.
General Student Benefits
  • Students will have unlimited access to free, 24x7 emotional support.
  • Students can protect their identity whilst seeking help by remaining anonymous.
  • Students will have a group of caring peers to turn to regarding mental health education.
  • Students can attend a variety of events, advocating for mental health and wellness.
  • Listeners will develop real-life skills such as active listening.
  • Listeners will have the opportunity to be trained in 40+ mental health issues.
  • Listeners will partake in a larger, worldwide community online.
  • Listeners may have the opportunity to excel in the larger 7 Cups Community.
  • Everyone will be able to provide support and receive support, bringing about positive change in the community.