Emily Jacobs

Emily is a freelance healthcare writer, content marketer, and independent author native to Northwest Ohio. She has a passion for the topics of mental health, psychology, and personalities. When she's not writing, she enjoys cooking, running to embarrassing music, road trips, and exploring historic sites. Find her at emjwriter.com.

Articles by Emily Jacobs

The Most Common Questions About Suicide, Answered

Posted 10 September 2019

Find out what the top questions about suicide are, along with detailed answers

What Does It Mean When Your Dreams Feel so Real?

Posted 01 August 2019

Find out how to make sense out of your most vivid, emotional dreams

What Is the Difference Between Complex Versus Standard PTSD?

Posted 19 June 2019

Key causes and symptoms of both types of post-traumatic stress disorders

What is Your Love Language?

Posted 13 May 2019

Learn how love languages can help couples meet each other's emotional needs and what to do if your language is different than your partner

What is Suicidal Ideation and What Can You Do About It?

Posted 04 April 2019

Whether you have fleeting or chronic thoughts about suicide, here's how to know when and where to get help

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